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Until further notice no events will take place.

Update: 14.08.2020

The Wiener Stadthalle, Austria's largest event center, is massively affected by the officially ordered ban on events to contain the novel disease COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Until further notice, no events will take place. Together with the organizers, we are working hard to find alternative dates for the affected events, if possible.

Due to the current situation the ticket offices in the Wiener Stadthalle remain closed!

1. What is the current legal status concerning cancelled events?
The new Art, Culture and Sports Protection Act - KuKuSpoSiG - provides that for tickets for an event that has been cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic, a voucher can be issued by the respective organizer instead of a refund. This applies to all events which would have taken place between 13.03.2020 and 31.12.2020 and which could not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Who is my contact person?
Where you purchased your tickets determines where you find your contact person:

  • You bought your tickets at the box offices in the Wiener Stadthalle: If you bought your tickets directly at the box offices of the Wiener Stadthalle, the Wiener Stadthalle is your contact for ticket questions. We kindly ask you to refrain from individual inquiries at this time, as all updates will be published immediately on our website We are currently working with the event organizers on a solution for cancelled/postponed events. Please note that for legal reasons, the organiser alone is responsible for finding a solution.
  • You bought your tickets online at If you have purchased your tickets online at or by phone on 01/79 999 79, WTS Wien Ticket Service is your direct contact for ticket questions.
  • You bought your tickets at an external ticket office: If you purchased your tickets at an external ticket office, please contact your ticket office directly. In this case neither Wiener Stadthalle nor WTS Wien Ticket Service is your contact person.

3. Where can I see if an event has been cancelled or postponed?
A list of all events that have been postponed or cancelled so far can be found here.

4. What applies for postponed events?
Tickets remain valid for the alternative date and do not have to be exchanged. If you are unable to attend the alternative date, you can request the organizer to issue a voucher. The voucher can be issued as soon as the ticket offices have technically implemented the voucher solution.

5. When can I return my tickets for a cancelled event?
As the implementation of the legally required voucher solution is technically very complex and external companies have been entrusted with the technical implementation, it is currently not yet clear from which date this process can start. Together with our partners, we are currently working on the solutions.

6. When will I receive details about the voucher solution mentioned?
Details will be published on as soon as the process starts.

7. Where can I find the event organizer?
Details on the event organizer can be found on and on the respective ticket. Please note that the Wiener Stadthalle acts exclusively in the name and on account of the respective organiser. Without the approval of the respective organiser, we are not allowed to make any remittances. The Wiener Stadthalle acts only as the lessor of the halls and not as the organizer.

8. What is the further procedure?
We ask for your understanding that in this extraordinary situation time is needed to implement and coordinate all implementations.

Whether an event will be postponed or cancelled will be announced by the respective organizer. This decision is not up to the Wiener Stadthalle.

In which form the reimbursement will be made (cash or voucher) will also be determined by the respective organizer. The procedure will therefore not be identical for each event, but may vary according to the specifications of the respective organizer.

With kind regards
Your Wiener Stadthallen-Team


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