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INFORMATION on cancelled or postponed events 

If you have tickets for an event that has been postponed:

Unless otherwise stated on www.stadthalle.com, tickets for the respective replacement date remain valid and do not need to be exchanged.

If you have tickets for an event that has been cancelled:

Please contact your ticket partner directly as indicated below

Your contacts for questions about tickets and organiser vouchers you have already purchased:

Please contact the ticket office from which you purchased your tickets or from which you received your organiser voucher:

Ticket purchase at the box offices in the Wiener Stadthalle: 
If you have purchased your tickets directly at the box offices in the Wiener Stadthalle, the Wiener Stadthalle is your contact.  Please note the current box office opening hours and have your organiser voucher(s), ID and account details ready for your refund request.

Ticket purchase at www.stadthalle.com:

If you have purchased your tickets online at www.stadthalle.com or by telephone on 01/79 999 79, WTS Wien Ticket Service is your direct contact for ticket questions and organiser vouchers. In this case, you must follow the steps below:

  • Please log in to your customer account.
  • Click on "View purchase data" under "My Stadthalle".
  • You will find your vouchers in the right-hand column under "Service link".
  • If the voucher has not been redeemed, you can apply for a refund under "Request payment" (per ticket/voucher).
  • Follow the further steps until you receive confirmation of your payment request.

Ticket purchase from external ticket offices:
If you have purchased your tickets from a ticket office other than those listed above, please contact that ticket office directly. In this case, unfortunately, neither Wiener Stadthalle nor WTS Wien Ticket Service is your contact.

Events cancelled due to COVID-19:

The Arts, Culture and Sports Security Act (KuKuSpoSiG), which was passed by the Austrian Federal Government in April 2020, provides that for tickets to an event that has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisers can also issue an organiser's voucher instead of refunding the ticket price. This applies to events that would have taken place in 2020, 2021 or the first half of 2022 and could not take place due to COVID-19. The law also applies retroactively to all affected events from 13 March 2020.


If you have a tour organiser voucher that has not yet been redeemed:

For an unredeemed organiser voucher, payment can be requested from the following cut-off dates:

Organiser voucher for an event cancelled or postponed between 13.03.2020 and 30.06.2021: payment can be requested from 01.01.2023.

Organiser voucher for an event cancelled or postponed for the first time from 01.07.2021 to 30.06.2022: Payment can be applied for from 01.01.2024.


The organiser is decisive:

Details of the respective organiser can be found at www.stadthalle.com and on your ticket. Please note that Wiener Stadthalle acts exclusively in the name and on behalf of the respective organiser. Wiener Stadthalle acts as the lessor of the halls and not as the organiser. Wiener Stadthalle may only make refunds after approval by the respective organiser(s). The form in which the refund can be made is also determined by the organiser. The procedure will therefore not be identical for every event, but may vary according to the specifications of the respective organiser.


  • Veranstaltungen die aufgrund von COVID-19 nicht stattfinden konnten und für die neue Termine gefunden wurden. - Alle Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit.

    Andrea Bocelli: Fr, 17. November 2023, Halle D

    Bonnie Tyler: Sa, 14. Oktober 2023, Halle F

    Deva Premal & Miten with Friends: Do, 05. Oktober 2023, Halle F

    One Vision Of Queen: Mi, 01. November 2023, Halle D


  • Veranstaltungen, die leider endgültig abgesagt werden mussten.

    Aerosmith | ursprünglicher Termin: Do, 07. Juli 2022
    Amadeus Austrian Music Awards | ursprünglicher Termin: Do, 10. September 2020
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical Gala | ursprünglicher Termin: Do, 13. Januar 2022
    An Evening with Whitney Houston | ursprünglicher Termin: So, 22. März 2020
    Angelo Kelly & Family | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 04. Dezember 2021
    BabyExpo | ursprünglicher Termin: Fr, 02. bis So, 04. Juli 2021
    Beat It! - Das Musical über den King of Pop! | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 11. April 2020
    Ben Zucker | ursprünglicher Termin: Fr, 18. Februar 2022
    Blue Planet II - Live in Concert I ursprünglicher Termin: So, 17. Mai 2020
    Bond in Concert | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 14. Mai 2022
    Bon Iver | ursprünglicher Termin: So, 22. August 2021
    Cem Yilmaz | ursprünglicher Termin: Fr, 17. April 2020
    Chippendales | ursprünglicher Termin: Mi, 06. und Do, 07. Oktober 2021
    Christmas Chaos | ursprünglicher Termin: Fr, 11. bis So, 13. Dezember 2020
    Der Nino aus Wien | ursprünglicher Termin: Fr, 17. April 2020
    Das Phantom der Oper - Deutschsprachige Neuinszenierung von Paul Wilhelm & Arndt Gerber | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 19. Februar 2022
    Die Ärzte | ursprünglicher Termin: Fr, 17. und Sa, 18. Dezember 2021
    Die Toten Hosen | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 04. Juli 2020
    Dua Lipa | ursprünglicher Termin: Di, 19. Mai 2020
    Esoteriktage Herbst 2020 | ursprünglicher Termin: Fr, 06. bis So, 08. November 2020
    Eric Clapton | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 04. Juni 2022
    Forever Amy | urpsrünglicher Termin: Do, 26. März 2020
    Heidi - Das Musical | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 23. und So, 24. Mai 2020
    Helge Schneider | ursprünglicher Termin: Fr, 26. und Sa, 27. März 2021
    Julia Engelmann | ursprünglicher Termin: So, 22. Mai 2022
    Kinder(freunde)-Musical | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 20. & So, 21. November 2021
    Maite Kelly | ursprünglicher Termin: Mo, 07. Februar 2022
    Maluma | ursprüngliches Datum: So, 27. Februar 2022
    Marianne Mendt & Freunde | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 26. September 2020 
    Mineralium | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 14. & So, 15. November 2020
    Monsterfreunde Konzert | ursprünglicher Termin: Mi, 27. Mai 2020
    Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds  | ursprünglicher Termin: Mi, 12. Mai 2021
    Night of the Dance | ursprünglicher Termin: Mi, 23. März 2022
    Otto | ursprüngliches Datum: So, 22. Mai 2022
    Ozzy Osbourne | ursprünglicher Termin: Mo, 16. November 2020
    Patricia Kelly | ursprünglicher Termin: So, 14. November 2021
    Rage Against The Machine | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 12. September 2020
    Rea Garvey | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 05. Februar 2022
    Santana | ursprünglicher Termin: Fr, 20. März 2020
    Sarah Connor | ursprünglicher Termin: So, 03. April 2022
    Semino Rossi 2022 | ursprünglicher Termin: Fr, 09. September 2022
    Sinatra & Friends | ursprünglicher Termin: Fr, 11. Februar 2022
    Star Wars in Concert | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 18. April 2020
    The Chainsmokers | ursprünglicher Termin: So, 17. April 2022
    The Music of Star Wars | ursprünglicher Termin: Mi, 18. März 2020
    The Simon & Garfunkel Story | ursprünglicher Termin: Mo, 21. Februar 2022
    The Weeknd | ursprünglicher Termin: Mo, 26.09.2022
    Thriller Live | ursprünglicher Termin. Mi, 16. Februar 2022
    Udo Lindenberg | ursprünglicher Termin: Sa, 20. Juni 2020