• Ticket-Informations

    Buy tickets only at official ticket agencies such as directly at the Wiener Stadthalle to prevent possible counterfeiting or inflated prices.

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    Are concessions available?

    The tour management and local event organiser set ticket prices jointly. If standard concessions are available (e.g. for children and senior citizens), this will be indicated on the respective event page at www.stadthalle.com. For many events, concession prices are offered to wheelchair users and accompanying persons.

    Can accompanying persons sit next to the barrier-free seats?

    Begleitpersonen werden immer möglichst nahe ihrer Begleitung im Rollstuhl platziert. Je nach Tribünen-Konfiguration ist dies manchmal neben, vor oder direkt hinter den barrierefreien Plätzen.

    I have already bought tickets. After an accident, I am dependent on a walker assistance or wear a cast at the time of the event.

    Standing area: It is prohibited by the authorities to be in the standing area with a walker assistance for safety reasons. In any case, please contact the ticket office where you bought your tickets or contact our customer service by e-mail. We will of course try to help you. If you have booked a seat, please bring a medical certificate confirming that you need the crutches as a walking aid. Our public service will assist you with the custody.

    Where do I go for group bookings?

    Our ticket management will be happy to inform you if there is a bulk discount for an event: ticketservice@stadthalle.com.

    What payment options do I have?

    At the box offices of Wiener Stadthalle: cash, debit or credit card

    When ordering tickets by telephone on 01/79 999 79: credit card

    Online booking at www.stadthalle.com: credit card, instant bank transfer, PayPal

    Foodstalls: cash and cashless - except flying dealers

    Is there a waiting list if all tickets for an event are sold out?

    You can enter your name on the waiting list for each event. You will be informed if tickets go on sale at short notice.

    I lost my ticket. What do I do now?

    In case of ticket loss or theft, please contact the advance booking office where you purchased your ticket and report the loss or theft to the police.
    If you purchased your ticket directly at Wiener Stadthalle, please contact our ticket service team at ticketservice@stadthalle.com.

    Can I return or exchange my ticket?

    All ticket purchases are fix purchases and the return of tickets is generally not possible.  Please also note the information and terms and conditions of the organiser for each event.

    If you have concluded ticket cancellation cover when purchasing tickets online, please contact your ticket partner, the office where you bought the registered tickets. When purchasing tickets via stadthalle.com, this is Ticket Cancellation Cover

    In case of postponement or cancellation, please contact your ticket partner resp. wait for the information from the place where you registered your purchase.

  • Event-Information

    When do doors open?

    The schedule and timing of an event are determined by the tour production and the local promoter. Generally, admission starts about one hour before the event begins. The estimated times of admission and start as well as info on possible supporting bands will be communicated on www.stadthalle.com on the respective event page as well as on the Facebook page of Wiener Stadthalle.

    How long does the event last?

    The duration of events can vary greatly and depends entirely on the artist in question. In addition, live shows can always be subject to spontaneous changes in plans or time delays. If there is a foreseeable time frame for shows (e.g. musicals), the duration will be communicated on the respective event page on www.stadthalle.com and on Wiener Stadthalle's Facebook page.

    Is there a minimum age for admission to events at Wiener Stadthalle?

    Persons under 14 years of age are not permitted entry to the Event Venue after 8 pm unless accompanied by an adult. No entry is permitted for children under 3 years of age after 8pm. Additional the Vienna Youth Protection Act (idgF), as amended, also applies throughout the Event Venue.  

    It is up to the parents or guardians to individually assess whether attending the event is suitable for their own child. As children are exposed to more noise and crowds at events than adults, there is a risk of hearing and health damage. We therefore recommend that children use the hearing protection provided free of charge.

    If there are age restrictions on the part of the event organizer or tour management, these can be seen on the respective event page at www.stadthalle.com.

    Am I allowed to take photos during the event?

    The carrying of sound, photo, film, video and other recording devices is generally not permitted for copyright reasons. In practice, it depends very much on the respective artists how strictly the ban on recording is enforced. However, video recorders, professional and SLR cameras will always be taken into custody by security personnel upon entry.

    Why do I have to leave my coat or jacket at the cloakrooms?

    In the Wiener Stadthalle there is a legally prescribed cloakroom obligation in accordance with the provisions of the Vienna Event Act 2020. It is officially stipulated that coats, jackets and other excess clothing must be handed in at the cloakroom. The cloakrooms in the Wiener Stadthalle are to be used free of charge.

  • Service


    The Wiener Stadthalle is located at Roland-Rainer-Platz 1, 1150 Vienna in a central location (5 minutes from BahnhofCity Wien West, 15 minutes from downtown Vienna) and is well connected to the public transport network.

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    Short-term parking zones apply throughout Vienna: Parking - without a valid parking sticker for the zone - is only possible with a parking ticket from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 10 pm (on weekdays). 

    In the immediate vicinity, the Märzparkgarage and the Stadthallengarage are available with a total of over 1,400 parking spaces.

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    where can i leave my bag?

    Depending on the security regulations of the organiser, backpacks and bags larger than DIN A4 (may vary at the request of the artist) will be taken into custody by the security staff at the entrance and can be collected again at the end of the event with the voucher received. It is not possible to hand in larger items of luggage - either to security or to the cloakrooms. If you bring larger bags with you, we therefore recommend that you deposit them in a locker, such as those offered at BahnhofCity Wien West (only one underground station or a 15-minute walk away).


    If found items are handed over to our staff, they will be stored with the porter. You are welcome to call to find out if your wanted item has been turned in: +43 1 981 00-234.

    ARE THERE GUIDED TOURS OF THE wiener stadthalle?

    Unfortunately, no guided tours can be offered at the moment. Register for our newsletter to be informed about selected special tours.


    Six halls that can be used independently or together provide the perfect setting for your event!

    We look forward to your inquiry via contact form.

  • Food & Drinks

    We look forward to welcoming you on your next visit to the Wiener Stadthalle together with our gastronomy partner "Gourmet Event"!

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  • Barrier-free through the Wiener Stadthalle

    We are committed to making the visit to the Wiener Stadthalle as pleasant as possible for people with limited mobility.

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  • House Rules & Safety Instructions

    The respective house rules apply.

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    Treat yourself to a relaxed visit to the event and take note of the list of prohibited items and general safety instructions in advance. Please arrive at the Wiener Stadthalle in time to facilitate the work of the security staff, ticket checks and possible body checks, and to shorten waiting times.

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