Hall F

Hall F was seamlessly integrated into the Wiener Stadthalle complex in 2006. With a capacity of up to 2,000 visitors, it has a modern show stage, fixed seating and is arranged like a large theater.


The arena-like rising seating guarantees an optimal view of the stage from all seats.  

Thanks to the height-adjustable stage, the extensive technology and the high-quality equipment, Hall F is a popular venue for concerts, musicals, dance shows, cabarets, presentations, conferences and shareholders' meetings.


An integrated induction loop enables people wearing hearing aids to receive audio signals without interference and in optimal sound quality.


Seminars, meetings, training courses or conferences where the stars of the international sports and show business come and go. Regardless of the planned duration - several days or a few hours, or even in connection with an attended event - the banquet facilities in Hall F of the Wiener Stadthalle offer the perfect setting.


The banquet hall with a size of about 300 m² and decorated in noble wood tones is flooded with daylight and can be darkened for presentations. The adjoining foyer, as well as the associated terrace, is available for breaks.


The event management, sound, lighting and video, corporate communications, catering and IT departments create customized offers for the perfect event - individually and planned down to the smallest detail.


To round things off, Wiener Stadthalle hosts around 300 events a year as a welcome fringe event or incentive.


Wiener Stadthalle has six decades of experience in planning and staging events. For rental inquiries please contact us.



  • Dimensions

    Total floor space Total usable area: 5.081 m²
    Main foyer with cloakrooms: 1.300 m²
    Interval foyers (x 2): 400 m²
    Studio 1 (banquet room): 296 m²
    Studio 2 (rehearsal space): 409 m²
    Stage Size: 27,20 x 15,30 m
    Proscenium width: 22,50 x 8,75 m
    Apron: 16,74 x 3,90 m
    height-adjustable (floor level /
    stage level / Orchestra pit)
    Overhead clearance: 9,15 m
    Load rating: 750 kg / m²
    Orchestra pit: 53 m²
    Stage entrances: 6
  • Access

    Stage-level access for truck loads available
    Loading area with lifting table (max. load 2t)
    Heavy-duty lift (5.5t)
    Hütteldorfer Strasse 2f, 1150 Vienna

  • Ancillary rooms

    First floor (stage level) 2 production offices

    Studio 1 (banquet room - 23,20 x 12,80 m)
    Standing: 420
    Auditorium seating: 272
    Gala seating: 144

    Studio 2 (rehearsal space - 23,20 x 17,70 m)
    Standing : 420
    Auditorium seating: 363
    Gala seating: 210
    Second floor 1 star dressing room
    with wet rooms (47 m²)

    3 artists’ dressing rooms
    with wet rooms (19 m² - 22,5 m²)

    2 dressing rooms
    without wet rooms (19 m² - 22,5 m²)

    1 catering room
    incl. sink
  • Power outlets

    Stage On both right and left sides (rear of stage) 400A
    1 x CEE 125 A
    1 x CEE 63 A
    1 x CEE 32 A
    1 x CEE 16 A
    3 x Schuko
    Additional outlets for sound 1 x CEE 63 A + 14 Schuko
    Gallery 2 x CEE 63 A
    Ceiling Lighting boxes: 4 x CEE 63 A
    Catwalk: 3 x CEE 63 A
    Understage 4 x CEE 63 A
    Side foyers Each foyer has
    2 x CEE 32 A (on glass frontage side)
    1 x CEE 16 A (on auditorium side)
    Main foyer 4 x CEE 32 A on glass frontage side
    Selection of CEE 16 A in the floor boxes
    Studio 1 1 x CEE 16 A
    Studio 2 (Rehearsal stage) 3 x CEE 63 A (left and right at back, and left at front)
    2 x CEE 32 A (left and right at back)
    2 x CEE 16 A (left and right at back)
    4 x Schuko
    There are a total of 264 dimmer circuits in Hall F
  • Lighting equipment

    4 x Fresnel 5 kW ADB CP 50
    20 x Fresnel 2 kW ADB F201
    4 x Fresnel 1,2 kW ADB F10
    16 x Profile 575 W Altman S6-20º
    16 x Profile 575 W Altman S6-30º
    14 x Profile zomm 2 kW ADB DN 205
    7 x 6 PAR 64
    2 x Follow spots Robert Juliat VICTOR 1800 W
    6 x Colour changer (scrollers – Rainbow 6” Pro)
    12 x Colour changer (scrollers – Rainbow 12” Pro)
    12,00 m Footlights (500W, 4 colour)
    12,00 m Footlights (1kW, 4 colour)
    2 x Lighting console Roadhog IV

  • Sound equipment

    Digitale Console Stagetec Aurus (On request also Yamaha QL1 / QL5)
    Positioning FOH or central corridor possible
    Digital matrix switch Stagetec Nexus
    FOH: 4 mic / 16 line / 4 AES/EBU-in / 24 out / 4 AES/EBU-out
    Stage: 44 mic / 8 line / 24 out
    Multicore (FOH-Stage)
    4x CAT6-lines direct FOH-Stage#

    Whirlwind (48 sends / 12 returns)
    PA System Homogeneous sound reinforcement of the auditorium with
    line array as well as sub, centre and near-fill loudspeakers
    calibrated and ready to play. (a total of 60 KW)
    Main PA system (each side) 5x Meyer Sound Milo 60
    1x Meyer Sound Milo 120
    Subs 2x Meyer Sound 700-HP Subs
    Centercluster 2x Meyer Sound CQ-2
    Nearfills 4x Meyer Sound M1D
    2x Meyer Sound UPA-2P
    Stage-Monitoring 4x Meyer Sound UM-1P wedges
    2x Meyer Sound UM-100P wedges
    2x Meyer Sound UPJ-1P inkl. Stativ
    PA-Managementsystem 2x Meyer Sound Galileo 616 incl. Compass Software
    Inductive hearing system This enables wearers of hearing aids equipped with a T-coil
    to receive audio signals without interference and with optimised
    sound quality.
    Communication equipment Hardwired internet connections, WiFi, intercom system and
    PMR radio
    Rigging 5x rails for flexible deployment of electric chain hoists (stage
    and auditorium)
    19x motorised hoists: load capacity 500kg (total load) per
    rail length: 22,00 m
    Lift height + 0,20 m - + 9,15 m
  • Maximum capacity

    2.000 people (incl. 8 spaces for wheelchair users)
    750-seat layout for smaller events

  • Uses

    Concerts, touring productions, children’s events, dance, comedy, circus performances, magic shows and cabaret acts, product launches, fashion shows, cinema, talks, meetings