gabarage upcycling design

Together gabarage upcycling design and Wiener Stadthalle give old materials a second chance.


"Turning old materials into new fashion is not only creative, it also makes the world a little bit better because it conserves resources and extends product cycles. Coats and gilets of the audience service staff of the Wiener Stadthalle, which had been discarded in their original field of activity, have already been turned into the bag collection inForm. In addition, the innovative minds of "gabarage - upcycling design" created the matching fashion line inVienna. The collection includes more than 25 unique pieces, handmade in Vienna.

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“Miteinander inForm – THE STORY OF A WONDERFUL Cooperation“

"A 'reverse' design process is one of the essence of upstyle fashion of 'gabarage - upcycling design, because the initial product determines the subsequent reinterpretation, the new use," gabarage explains the design process.

outdoor Banner Hall F

The 300 m² outdoor banner at Roland-Rainer-Platz adorns the front of Hall F, visible from afar, and is changed several times a year. These large-scale banners of the Wiener Stadthalle are recycled and handmade into bags in various sizes and designs by gabarage upcycling design. The product range extends from key bags to shoppers. From a money bag, which compactly stows what you like to have with you when you go to a concert, to a high-format shopper, you can take home a very personal, sustainable piece of Wiener Stadthalle.