MITEINANDER inFORM: A cooperation of Wiener Stadthalle and gabarage upcycling design

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Together, gabarage upcycling design and Wiener Stadthalle give old materials a second chance. The non-profit association for the promotion of the social and creative economy and Austria's largest event center have created a sustainable win-win situation with their partnership.

In the workshops of the innovative showcase company, stylish design products, creative bags and unique accessories are created from 300 square meters of advertising banners of the Wiener Stadthalle. This is how sustainability is lived and special things are created at the same time!



The changeability of the Wiener Stadthalle is reflected in the incredible variety of events that go over the stages in Austria's most popular location, as well as in the new trendy bag models of the inForm series by gabarage upcycling design. "Everything needs a second chance!" - according to the motto of gabarage upcycling design, the cooperation resulted in artistic handicrafts with innovative design and added value. 

Discarded workwear, which was replaced by a new collection and thus seemingly no longer had any use, is now breaking new ground as hip accessories. Coats and gilets worn by the audience service staff at Wiener Stadthalle are thus starting a new life as original bags for everyday life and leisure. The inForm clutch, for example, is not only a cool eye-catcher at the many events at Wiener Stadthalle, but also continues the product history in an original and sustainable way: the material, which has already been part of countless events at Wiener Stadthalle as service clothing, is now re-entering the event scene as a hip concert companion. With an inForm bag, fashion fans carry their very own piece of Wiener Stadthalle with them. The bags, which are made by hand using 100 percent fairer methods, are available in the stores of gabarage upcycling design and in the gabarage webshop.



The goal of gabarage upcycling design is to extend the life cycle of discarded materials and to create new products through upcycling design. Production takes place locally and regionally in Vienna, where the non-profit social enterprise offers jobs, qualification and training positions for people who do not have it easy on the labor market due to their life biographies.