Maxim Galkin


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Maxim Galkin

Sunday, 06.10.2024

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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Maxim Galkin is radiant, charismatic, always up to date, but above all he is a truly great artist.

The magic of his talent leaves no one untouched. Nature has endowed Maxim Galkin with a unique blend of youth, wisdom, humor, musicality and agility.

His concerts are a kaleidoscope of genres: monologues, parodies, songs, concert pieces. Every miniature and every recapitulation is refined to the point of perfect brilliance, and Maxim Galkin's skill evokes admiration.

The artist elegantly controls the mood of the audience and does not let go of their attention for a minute. He feels his audience superbly and converses warmly with them, as if he were telling stories to old friends who have suddenly come into his life.

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