Aladin - the Musical

Das Highlight für die ganze Familie!



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Aladin - the Musical

Das Highlight für die ganze Familie!

Saturday, 01.03.2025 
Sunday, 02.03.2025

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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On the Courage to Change One's Destiny: In the musical highlight "Aladin," the audience immerses themselves in a world full of adventure and magic. Specially composed musical hits, plenty of suspense, and even more humor promise the best live entertainment for the whole family!

1001 Nights in a New Light

The theater known for its imaginative family musicals, Theater Liberi, presents the famous tale from 1001 Nights in a fast-paced and modern version. Highly trained musical performers showcase the diverse facets of the beloved characters in this fairy tale about courage, self-determination, and friendship. Fantastic lighting effects, elegant costumes, as well as impressive music and choreography, create the perfect backdrop for the mysterious world of Aladin, Jasmine, and Genie.

An Adventure Full of Magic

Aladin leads a life as a simple street urchin until his life is suddenly turned upside down: Just as he has met Princess Jasmine, who is doing everything in her power to protect her people from the evil sorcerer Jafar, he finds himself entangled in Jafar's wicked schemes. For Jafar finally wants to get rid of the Sultan and seize power with the help of a legendary lamp. Aladdin is supposed to help him, but the plan goes awry, and Aladdin finds himself trapped in a cave. In search of a way out, he discovers the secret of the magic lamp and frees the powerful Genie, who quickly proves to be a true friend. Aladdin's problems seem to be solved all at once because where there's a Genie, there are also three wishes. But magic alone will not be enough to help Jasmine and thwart Jafar's sinister plans...

Recommended Age: From 4 years old

Duration: Two hours including a 20-minute intermission

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    Aladin - das Musical | Sa, 01.03. - So, 02.03.2025 | Wiener Stadthalle Halle F © Theater Liberi

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