Gerberhaus Christmas Gala


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Gerberhaus Christmas Gala

Wednesday, 11.12.2024

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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This year, on December 11, 2024, Gerberhaus Kultur will once again present a magnificent Christmas Gala with the theme "Oh du Fröhliche" at the Wiener Stadthalle. More than 50 participants – including orchestras, singers, acrobats, dancers, and singing children – will provide a contemplative yet entertaining program.

International Christmas classics will alternate with traditional Austrian Christmas songs. Let yourself be enchanted by the festive yet light-hearted atmosphere.

Acrobatic performances and captivating surprise guests will add extra excitement and entertainment. Dancers will illuminate the stage with their lively choreographies. Additionally, singing and cheerful children will delight the audience and be part of the Great Christmas Raffle, where they will receive gifts.

By attending, you are also doing something good. €5 from each ticket sold will go to the Gerberhaus Climate Protection and Aid Fund. This money will support meaningful projects that contribute to protecting our planet.

Experience an unforgettable afternoon filled with music, dance, and positive emotions. The grand Christmas Gala at the Wiener Stadthalle is the perfect event for the whole family.


A 0.2l bottle of Piccolo sparkling wine is included with every ticket, regardless of category. No 0.75l Frizzante like last year.

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