25 Jahre „Masters of Chant“


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25 Jahre „Masters of Chant“

Sunday, 13.04.2025

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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For 25 years, GREGORIAN have thrilled millions of people worldwide with their choreographed shows and their ability to switch seamlessly from classical chorales to pop and rock songs. Their concerts have set new standards. With over 2,000 shows in 35 countries and more than 10 million albums sold, GREGORIAN are the most successful choir in the world.

In 2025, they are celebrating a very special anniversary - a quarter of a century, which the exceptional singers are honoring with a new tour. 

"This Greatest Hits tour is a celebration of GREGORIAN's history and achievements, as well as an opportunity to say thank you to our fans around the world who show their love and support by coming to our shows time and time again. The compilation of this anniversary show will be a spectacular journey through our band's history - a look back at some of the highlights from around 20 productions GREGORIAN have performed over the last 25 years. We can't wait to present this new show to our audiences and revive these wonderful highlights," says Frank Peterson. For the international music and show producer, the anniversary is a great affirmation.

The idea for GREGORIAN was born when Frank Peterson visited the royal monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Spain in 1989. Wandering through the medieval monastery and castle complex and listening to contemporary music on his Walkman, he found the inspiration for the sound experiment of mixing ancient Gregorian music with modern light music. Peterson first realized the idea with Michael Cretu and the worldwide sound phenomenon "Enigma". The first album "MCMXC a.D." was released in 1990 and quickly became a worldwide success. "MCMXC a.D." was number 1 in 41 different countries and went 57 times platinum and 45 times gold. It is considered the most successful German album of all time worldwide. This gigantic success paved the way for GREGORIAN to take the musical idea one step further and establish it as an independent music act.

In 1999, with the start of production on the first album "Masters Of Chant", Frank Peterson seamlessly built on the success of "Enigma". In the following years, GREGORIAN has sold over 10 million records worldwide with 18 CDs and 7 DVDs to date and achieved gold and platinum status in 24 different countries.

At the end of 2024 and thus in time for the anniversary tour, Frank Peterson will release a new GREGORIAN album. This will include new songs as well as re-recordings of some well-known GREGORIAN classics. 

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    GREGORIAN – 25 Jahre „Masters of Chant“ | So, 13.04.2025 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle F © Gregorian

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