ABBA GOLD – The Concert Show

#AnniversaryTour 2025


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ABBA GOLD – The Concert Show

#AnniversaryTour 2025

Wednesday, 19.03.2025

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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ABBA and their music are a phenomenon that can only be adequately described in superlatives. To this day, the name ABBA is known to one in three people around the world and the immortal melodies of the four Swedes are familiar to many.

The wonderful singers and musicians of the successful "ABBA GOLD - The Concert Show" are probably the performers who come as close as few others to the style-defining gestures of the original artists.

Highly musical right down to the tips of their toes and with performances of the highest perfection, "ABBA GOLD - The Concert Show" is an artistically impressive revival. The ABBA Gold artists bring the typical ABBA performance - sometimes dazzling, sometimes carried - so masterfully to the stage that you can tell that they have internalized the original with every fibre of their heart, soul and mind.

Of course, the show is still ultra-modern. The original ABBA feeling is presented in the "here and now" using the latest stage show technology. From the original costumes to the Swedish accent of the admired role models - every last detail is authentic ABBA.

The tour title "#Anniversary-Tour" already hints at it: There is a lot to celebrate around ABBA this year.

20 years of "ABBA GOLD - The Concert Show"

"ABBA GOLD - The Concert Show" has been at home on the stages of Europe for a full 20 years now and has been a real success story during this time. The demand to come as close as possible to a live performance of the original ABBA in an artistically valuable way has been very high from the very beginning - not least because the competition has never slept. Not until today... There are many stage productions that try to portray the character of ABBA and its music faithfully or adapted.

Keeping up with them and following the claim of not only being good, but perhaps even better, is always a challenge artistically and in terms of production and requires high level quality in artistic performance and musicality.

ABBA GOLD has effortlessly mastered both in 20 years, established itself perfectly in cultural life, collected great reviews and built up a large fan base of its own. With "ABBA GOLD - The Concert Show", the ABBA myth is perfectly revived - overwhelming, moving, rousing and unforgettable.

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    Safety Information!

    As the organizer Show Factory Entertainment has informed us, that for this concert Backpacks and larger (hand) bags are not allowed. FORBIDDEN.

    It is expressly pointed out not to take larger items to the venue and to limit oneself to taking the essentials such as tickets, keys, medicines or cosmetics, money and mobile phones (other electronic devices such as GoPro´s, tablets, selfie sticks and any recording devices are not permitted).

    As a guideline for bags carried, the organizer has communicated the following: Maximum size of DIN A4 (21x29 cm) can be taken to the concert.

    Visitors are requested to arrive at the Wiener Stadthalle in time to facilitate the work of the security forces, ticket controls and body checks, and to shorten waiting times.

    Here you can find the general security information of the Vienna Stadthalle.

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    We wish you a great concert evening and good entertainment in the Wiener Stadthalle!