Peter Cornelius & Band

Live 2024



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Peter Cornelius & Band

Live 2024

Thursday, 12.12.2024 
Friday, 13.12.2024

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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For over five decades, Peter Cornelius has been one of the most successful singer-songwriters in the German-speaking world. Many of his songs have long since become household names - classics such as 'Reif für die Insel', 'Segel im Wind' and, of course, 'Du entschuldige i kenn di'.
The exceptional musician is now going on tour again in 2024. At last!

Four men. First and foremost: Cornelius, the frontman, the singer and always playing the guitar that corresponds to the song. On stage with him are bass, drums and keyboards. On the setlist - of course - many of the big hits but also song gems that shimmer away from the spotlight. The great art of Peter Cornelius is his way of singing, his guitar playing at the highest level and the gift of balance between music and lyrics. Listen and sing along. Between songs, he often describes how they came about. A wonderful two-hour concert experience full of variety - with songs that he wrote himself.

Peter Cornelius & Band Live is an absolute highlight of the 2024 concert calendar!

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