Manuel Rubey & Simon Schwarz

Das Restaurant


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Manuel Rubey & Simon Schwarz

Das Restaurant

Saturday, 26.04.2025

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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Manuel Rubey and Simon Schwarz have four left hands together. At least. Nevertheless, the two friends think it would be a great idea to open a restaurant. Simon has already played a chef in a movie and Manuel likes to drink wine. That should be enough for their expertise, they think. The no-frills restaurant in the middle of the province is supposed to outshine everything that has gone before. In the light of day, however, it looks more like a candidate for "botched construction". 

When the restaurant burns down, there is a strong smell of arson. At least for the village policewoman, who uses the investigation with the actresses to launch her podcast.

The search for the firebug leads Manuel Rubey and Simon Schwarz back into the past, into their innermost selves and to essential questions such as: aren't we all somehow little arsonists? In our friendships? At work? In our relationships? 

For the policewoman, the case is clear anyway: it was Rubey who did it. Because the murderers may always be the gardeners, but the arsonists are always the Viennese. *

* We have decided not to genderize the proverb.

  • Written by: Sebastian Huber, Jürgen Marschal, Manuel Rubey, Simon Schwarz
  • Director: Sebastian Huber & Jürgen Marschal

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