„Weihnachten mit Wanda – 2024“


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„Weihnachten mit Wanda – 2024“

Saturday, 21.12.2024

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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What began as a spontaneous idea in the summer of 2023 will apparently become a tradition after the brilliant first edition. "Christmas with Wanda" will enter its second round in the Wiener Stadthalle in 2024 - because a little bit of Amore is particularly fitting for the "festival of love". 

One thing is certain: Wanda, "perhaps the last important rock'n'roll band of our generation" (Musikexpress quote), who have cemented their place among the greatest domestic acts in music history with every album release for more than ten years, will present their sixth studio album "Ende nie" live at the next Christmas concert, announced for June 2024. The band has spent well over 300 weeks in the charts with their previous five longplayers - and the new album is sure to add a few more weeks. The number of gold and platinum awards and various music prizes that the Austrian cult band has won in the meantime is no less impressive. 

The ecstatic live power of the band cannot be put into numbers! For years, Wanda have been playing bigger and bigger sold-out tours and festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And the demand is unbroken. Some shows on their upcoming club tour in Germany were sold out after just a few hours, and they also fill the biggest local open air venues - such as Burg Clam - with ease. Whether at "Rock am Ring" or in the smallest club, the energy sweeps the audience away at every concert without exception.

Wanda's performances are always epochal. 

Speaking of epochal and legendary: that's exactly what the second edition of "Christmas with Wanda" at the Wiener Stadthalle 2024 will be again. An early Christmas present from the band to their fans - with the promise of a memorable farewell to the year!

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