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Chris Tall


Friday, 04.04.2025

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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Chris Tall is back with a new program.

It could have been called "Chris Tall N°5 - Limited Edition", as Chris is now presenting his fifth solo show and each evening is as unique as a limited edition perfume.

Under the title LAUGH STORIES, Chris Tall now lets his audience forget stress and tension for a while by whisking them away into his personal stories.

And if you hear the phonetic reference to LOVE, you're not wrong.
Because Chris Tall remains true to his motto: We laugh together, make no distinctions between people and stand for tolerance and fair, dignified coexistence.

The funny little chubby boy's triumphal march on Germany's comedy stages began at the age of 19. Chris Tall is now over 30 years old, has lost his baby fat and wears glasses. But he still doesn't see the big picture. And it is precisely this excessive demand of everyday life that he shares with his audience in his unique way.

And so Chris Tall takes his audience on a journey full of crazy stories about interpersonal problems, absurdities and other disasters.
For example, a bachelor party of his friend that got out of hand or a botched marriage reunion. STORIES from a rapidly changing world whose pace not even a slimmed-down Chris Tall can keep up with.

Chris presents his perspective on life with a lot of passion and a good dose of self-irony. Comedy fans are always up close and personal. Thanks to his distinctive spontaneity and interaction with the audience, Chris Tall succeeds in creating a unique connection and making every evening something very special. Let's Laugh Lovely.

LAUGH STORIES is a party where guests are made to laugh with fresh humor and at the same time encouraged to look at life with a positive attitude. So don't miss the opportunity to see Chris Tall live in action and be enchanted by his captivating program LAUGH STORIES!

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