Jean Paul Gaultier - Fashion Freak Show



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Jean Paul Gaultier - Fashion Freak Show

Wednesday, 10.07.2024 
Sunday, 14.07.2024

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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The unique musical spectacle about the fascinating life of fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier in summer 2024 for the first time in Austria!

Eccentric, scandalous, provocative, high-spirited and, as always, with a large dose of humor. Jean Paul Gaultier's breathtaking "Fashion Freak Show" is the quintessence of 50 years of fashion, underground and pop culture through the eyes of the "enfant terrible of fashion".

The production, an explosive and ingenious mixture of revue and fashion show, takes the audience through the incredibly turbulent, sensational life of Jean Paul Gaultier, touching on the most significant political and cultural changes of his generation. The show comes with a veritable armada of legendary hits - from disco to funk, from pop to rock, from new wave to punk - the explosive, energetic soundtrack represents the sound of the artists who inspired the designer throughout his life.

The "Fashion Freak Show" celebrated its premiere in the French capital Paris at the renowned Folies Bergère in 2019. Jean Paul Gaultier on the show: "I hope that the audience will enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed creating it."

In this extraordinary production, great actors are joined on stage by excellent dancers and fabulous circus performers - the range of extravagant, passionate, larger-than-life, provocative, sexy and cheeky creatures and personalities is almost overwhelming. 

The show, which is designed as one big, exuberant party, holds one surprise after another: Jean Paul Gaultier has designed hundreds of new, exclusive outfits set in a lavish, seemingly exuberant backdrop and, of course, has not forgotten to add his most legendary and famous creations!

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