Chinesischer Nationalcircus

China Girl - Love is stronger than blood


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Chinesischer Nationalcircus

China Girl - Love is stronger than blood

Thursday, 25.04.2024

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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With the new theater show CHINA GIRL, another production of the Chinese National Circus sets out to conquer the hearts of a worldwide audience.

For 2000 years, acrobatics from the Middle Kingdom has stood for sensation, the suspension of gravity and the lived unity of body, mind and soul. In short, for the best artists in the world. More than 10 million visitors in Europe have been enchanted by these masters of their trade over the last 30 years.

West meets East, Circus meets Musical, magic amazes, artists enchant, comedy unites with poetry and music touches. Beautiful snake girls, elegant handstand artists, charismatic vase jugglers, clowns and acrobats, surrounded by the world hits of a millennium genius, come together like mosaic pieces to form a great whole in the world's first Acrobatical CHINA GIRL.

In this new theater production of the Chinese National Circus, the artists not only tell a touching story, they also live it. The actors in front of and behind the scenes become authentic role models through the intercultural spirit. Just as every era has its heroes, so too does every time have the appropriate show. And the time for this people-uniting show CHINA GIRL is now!

Analogous to the title, the innovative show concept Acrobatical presents the high art of Chinese acrobatics on the sound carpet of live performed highlights from the complete musical works of pop icon David Bowie.

The plot is a transposition of William Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet into the New York City of the turn of the millennium. The love story between Dou Dou and Roberto is set against the backdrop of the constant clash of rival ethnic groups, the westernized residents of "Little Italy" and the Chinese immigrants. Eternal love and a disastrous enmity between the run-down backyards, cookshops, junk stores and upscale restaurants of Manhattan's Chinatown.

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