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„Weihnachten mit Wanda – 2023“


from € 57.00


„Weihnachten mit Wanda – 2023“

Friday, 22.12.2023

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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For more than ten years now, Wanda have been working on their reputation of being "perhaps the last important rock'n'roll band of our generation" (quote Musikexpress) and cement their place among the greatest domestic bands in music history a bit more with each album release. So far, their five albums "Amore" (2014), "Bussi" (2015), "Niente" (2017), "Ciao!" (2019) and "Wanda" (2022) formally charted for a total of well over 300 weeks. The number of gold/platinum awards and various music prizes that the Austrian cult band has now bagged is by no means less remarkable.


Irrespective of this, Wanda's songs grow immeasurably when performed live - as an ecstatic force on stage, the band has been playing ever larger sold-out tours and festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for years. And the demand is unbroken. "If German-language rock'n'roll was dead, Wanda revived it," says detektor.fm about the early days of this band, which catapulted into radio playlists and the hearts of fans simultaneously in 2014 with "Amore." Where they can still be found almost a decade later.


"There was never a plan B, there was only life as a problem, music and success, or not," expresses singer Marco Wanda a touch of band philosophy in one of the hundreds of interviews. This unwillingness to compromise can also be felt live. The years between stage, tour bus and studio merge into a long tightrope act without a safety net. And the energy at every concert - every time the band plays as if it were the last time - sweeps the audience along without exception. And the audience is there for exactly this getting carried away. Wanda has unleashed this live power for hundreds of thousands of concertgoers in recent years - in the smallest club, the largest hall or open air in front of 100,000 fans, as in 2018 on the island in their hometown of Vienna. Their performances are always epochal.


Speaking of "epochal" and legendary: that's exactly what it will be at "Christmas with Wanda" in the Vienna Stadthalle - the next opportunity to experience the exceptional musicians live on home soil. An early Christmas present from the band to their fans - with the guarantee that "the silent night" will not be quite so quiet in 2023. And who knows: maybe the beginning of a pre-Christmas tradition that will soon become indispensable...

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    Wanda | „Weihnachten mit Wanda" | Fr, 22.12.2023 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle D © ChriGonz

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