Lords of the Sound

"The Music of Hans Zimmer"


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Lords of the Sound

"The Music of Hans Zimmer"

Monday, 27.11.2023

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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LORDS OF THE SOUND Orchestra with the program "The Music of Hans Zimmer".

"Spiderman 2", "The Dark Knight", "Lone Ranger", "Interstellar", "Sherlock Holmes", "Man of Steel", "Pearl Harbor", "Gladiator", "Inception", " Pirates of the Caribbean", "Spirit", "Madagascar", "Dune", "Wonder Woman", " The Lion King" - these are all hits by Hans Zimmer performed by LORDS OF THE SOUND!

The concerts of the LORDS OF THE SOUND Orchestra, combined with the best compositions of Hans Zimmer. Immerse yourself in an experience, in a fairy-tale atmosphere, filled with the beauty of symphonic sound, a rock band, vivid images, vocal performances of soloists and choir!

  • NOT curated by Hans Zimmer!
  • Hans Zimmer himself is NOT live on stage!

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