Steffen Henssler

Hensslers schnelle Nummer – Live-Tour 2024



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Steffen Henssler

Hensslers schnelle Nummer – Live-Tour 2024

Friday, 03.05.2024 
Saturday, 04.05.2024

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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"Hensslers Schnelle Nummer - Live-Tour 2024" is the tour for the successful format. The most fast-paced live cooking show of all time can be experienced on the big stages in Germany and Austria from April 4th 2024.

In the new live show, Steffen Henssler presents many dishes, including exclusive ones, and reveals tricks from his kitchen. Everything revolves around how to prepare a simple, delicious dish in a short time without any prior knowledge. 

"Hensslers Schnelle Nummer" has long since become a permanent fixture. Back in 2009, Steffen Henssler cooked simple and, above all, quick dishes with just a few ingredients in his TV show "Topfgeldjäger" - "Hensslers Schnelle Nummer" was born. During the first Corona Lockdown, Steffen Henssler takes advantage of the time and shoots videos of the "Schnelle Nummer", which spread rapidly via Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube and become a hit. His fan base is grateful for the ideas and tips of the Hamburg TV chef. The accompanying cookbook also becomes a number 1 bestseller from a standing start.

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