The World of Hans Zimmer - The only ORIGINAL

Curated by Hans Zimmer "A New Dimension"



The World of Hans Zimmer - The only ORIGINAL

Curated by Hans Zimmer "A New Dimension"

Sunday, 24.03.2024

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D


We are pleased that some closures have been opened and that tickets for the show "The World of Hans Zimmer", which has been sold out for some time, can be put on sale again.

Expected timing (subject to change):
From 07.00 pm: 
Doors open
08.00 pm: Start
11.00 pm: Expected end incl. intermission

Powerful. Powerful. Beautiful. Dramatic. Breathtaking. Powerful. Touching.

In "The World of Hans Zimmer - A New Dimension" Hans Zimmer himself is NOT live on stage, but acts as curator and musical director of the show. 

This is the music of two-time Academy Award® winner Hans Zimmer. In 2024, his successful show "The World of Hans Zimmer" will receive a new musical program and thus advance to an international concert series at the same time. The new title "A New Dimension" already hints at it: Hans Zimmer is arranging a brand-new selection from his tremendously diverse score collection for "The World of Hans Zimmer - A New Dimension". 

The audience will be taken on a unique musical journey and immerse themselves in completely new dimensions. With over 30 dates in thirteen countries, "The World of Hans Zimmer - A New Dimension" will be experienced in Europe.

"With this new show, I want to preserve the culture of the orchestra and bring the unique facets of orchestral music back to the audience. There are many backstories I'd like to tell and longtime companions and friends I'd like to introduce," Zimmer says.

Soundtrack conductor Gavin Greenaway - a longtime and trusted friend of the Hollywood composer - will also join some of the most outstanding, renowned soloists from Zimmer's talent pool, as well as a masterful symphony orchestra, to evoke the magic of Hans Zimmer's works for live audiences in 2024. 

"Together, we musicians:enjoy every second live on stage without anyone being the big star. The star is the music," Gavin Greenaway ventures, trying to put into words how the great interplay between all the musicians works in this special concert series. "The show is an absolute thrill, and we love it." 

Powerful projections of film sequences also create a breathtaking atmosphere for the audience.

With "The World of Hans Zimmer", the 'Hollywood Rebel' (BBC) has created a glamorous, lively, exciting live experience of a special kind. Hans Zimmer's extraordinary melodies and modern compositions captivate a huge worldwide fan base across generations. He has already breathed life into countless international cinema blockbusters. These include "Dune", James Bond "No Time To Die" "The Lion King", "Gladiator", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "The Dark Knight" trilogy, "Interstellar", "Last Samurai" or "Top Gun: Maverick".

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As the organizer Show Factory Entertainment has informed us, that for this concert Backpacks and larger (hand) bags are not allowed. FORBIDDEN.

It is expressly pointed out not to take larger items to the venue and to limit oneself to taking the essentials such as tickets, keys, medicines or cosmetics, money and mobile phones (other electronic devices such as GoPro´s, tablets, selfie sticks and any recording devices are not permitted).

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