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Monsterfreunde Konzert


Tuesday, 30.05.2023 
Friday, 02.06.2023

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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Expected Schedule (Subject to change):
12.00 pm: Doors open
01.00 pm: Start Show 1
02.15 pm: Expected end Show 1

05.00 pm: Doors open
06.00 pm: Start Show 2
07.15 pm: Expected end Show 2

The #glaubandich concerts of the Monster Friends.

An unbelievable 16,000 children have signed up for this year, and they will - divided into 8 concerts - rock the Vienna Stadthalle from May 30 to June 2, 2023 and make their families and friends proud. A place where the magic of community can really be felt!

Of course, a show program around the groovy songs may not be missing. 

The little big stars will be supported by Tom Blue with Drumatical ( and the students of the ballet school Danceworld of Kirill Kourlaev (former 1st solo dancer of the "Wiener Staatsballett", A surprise soloist (the last one was Mathea) will also delight children and audience when he performs a Monster Friends song together with the children.

Who are the Monster Friends?

The Monster Friends are seven little colorful monsters. Their names are like the tone syllables of the musical scale - DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA and TI and they love music. Each monster represents a tone as well as a school subject. The monsters of tones love school and are adventurous. In all, 16 great adventures have been developed especially for school lessons and provide lots of fun in the classrooms. The highlight for the children each year are the final children's choir concerts.

Since 2015, it has been impossible to imagine school lessons in Vienna without the Monster Friends, developed by choir pedagogue Michael Wagenthaler. Due to the integrative orientation of the music pedagogical project, 100% social mixing is achieved with a common goal: making children strong! More than every 4th elementary school child in Vienna attends a Monster Friends class.

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Monsterfreunde Konzert | #glaubandich | Di, 30.05. bis Fr, 02.06.2023 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle D © Monsterfreunde

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