„Neues vom Dauerzustand“ Tour 2023


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„Neues vom Dauerzustand“ Tour 2023

Wednesday, 21.06.2023

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

No tickets available at the moment

Expected timing (subject to change):
06.30 pm: Doors open
06.30 pm: Start Support - DJ
followed by DEICHKIND

The entity DEICHKIND - what a beautiful riddle! DEICHKIND - everyone wonders: Are they people or humans? Is everything still fresh with them? Are they maturing or rotting? Are they in danger of drinking themselves to death or are they extremely cuddly, sloppy geniuses? What do they eat, what do they do, who do they rub? And where do they live anyway? Urbanesque or in a nest? On the outskirts of town or on the dog beach? Free or with Willy? Yes, what?

Answer: Both are correct.

But let's get to the news. DEICHKIND have new leaves in their tea, let's pour some: Here we go! The group's new music single is out, it's called "In Der Natur". Including a video, which is also called "In Der Natur". Fittingly, the new and eighth album "Neues Vom Dauerzustand" will be released in spring 2023. A work like a waterfall or volcano.

And for those who want to experience DEICHKIND in their favourite natural environment, i.e. the thick indoors outdoors: It's finally possible again! On 21st June 2023 at the Wiener Stadthalle! 

Please stay well fertilised!

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