Die Schlagerparty des Jahres 2023


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Die Schlagerparty des Jahres 2023

Sunday, 05.11.2023

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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Clear the stage for the superstars of German pop!

Michelle - Oliver Haidt - Sivio Samoni - Andy Borg – Die Nockis – Mountain Crew – Semino Rossi – Bernhard Brink

They sing about great feelings and deep emotions, but sometimes also about the lightheartedness and ease of a fun evening among friends. They thematize true, all-embracing love - and also fleeting acquaintances. They sing about the mountains, the wonderful homeland, as well as the quiet longing for the distance. Tears of joy and broken hearts - lust for life and defeats. A contradiction? Not for the greats of German pop. The lovingly composed and sensitively lyricized songs not only exclude no topic, no feeling - they also manage to touch their fans deep inside and create happy hours.

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