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Ehrlich Brothers


Saturday, 13.04.2024 
Sunday, 14.04.2024

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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DREAM & FLY - The arena show of the Ehrlich Brothers

DREAM & FLY is the most elaborate illusion show ever produced for a tour: The Ehrlich Brothers land a real helicopter out of nowhere on the stage specially built for this show. From flames of fire, they forge a massive, golden Lamborghini. Children's eyes light up when they conjure up the world's largest candy jar, bulging with thousands of candies. Music is another passion of the two star magicians. That's why they have a show band with them on this tour. The "Ehrlich Sisters" accompany some illusions with music from "FLASH - The Magic Album", the first album with the Ehrlich Brothers' own songs. At the end, the two magic brothers unite the motto of the diversified show in a heart-touching illusion: They tell about their childhood dreams and fly away: DREAM & FLY!

In between there are the Ehrlich Brothers with smaller tricks in the middle of the audience to experience. The likeable magicians are characterized by their mastery of the quiet tones and the charmingly witty play with the audience as well as the staging of their spectacular grand illusions.

Info from the organizer:
The show is not allowed for children under 3 years due to volume & pyrotechnics.

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