Hall F

Hall F was seamlessly integrated into the complex in 2006. With a capacity of up to 2,000 people, Hall F is configured like a large theatre. The banked seating allows for perfect views of the stage, and there is also a fully integrated induction loop system which enables wearers of suitably equipped hearing aids to receive high-quality, interference-free audio signals.

Thanks to a height-adjustable stage, a comprehensive range of technical equipment and a high-quality interior, Hall F is a popular location for concerts, musicals, dance shows, stand-up comedy, small-scale performances, product launches, fashion shows, lectures, meetings, AGMs and even weddings.

This new addition was the work of architects Dietrich|Untertrifaller, who took the Bauherrenpreis (Austrian Builder-Owner Award) – one of Austria’s most coveted architecture prizes – for their design.

Letting Hall F
Wiener Stadthalle has more than five decades of experience in planning and staging events. If you have any questions on letting the venue, don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • halle F außen © Zolles .
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  • Halle F innen © Zolles .
  • Halle F innen © Zolles .

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