Bon Iver

"i,i" Tour 2021

Sun, 22.08.2021

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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  • Bon Iver, "i,i" Tour 2021, So, 22.08.2021 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle D © Graham Tolbert and Crystal Quinn

As the organizer Barracuda Music GmbH has announced, due to the current developments around COVID-19 and the related restrictions in the event area, the concert of "Bon Iver" will be postponed to the 22. August 2021.

Already purchased tickets remain valid for the new date in 2021 and do not have to be exchanged.

We kindly ask for your understanding!

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When Bon Iver released "For Emma, Forever Ago" in early 2008 it introduced Justin Vernon as one of the most gifted songwriters of his generation and revealed a sound that was distinct — tethered to time and to place, to a season of contemplation and the crisp, heart-strung isolation of a northern Winter. Its successor, the self-titled "Bon Iver, Bon Iver", brought something more frenetic, the rise and whirr of burgeoning Spring, of hope and sap and movement.

In 2016’s “22, A Million”, Vernon came to see something different again: “it was our crazy energy Summer record” he says. The band’s fourth album "i,i" completes this cycle: "a Fall record, autumn-coloured, ruminative, steeped", Vernon says. 

“It feels very much like the most adult record, the most complete,” says Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. “It feels like when you get through all this life, when the sun starts to set, and what happens is you start gaining perspective. And then you can put that perspective into more honest, generous work.”

The core band for the "i,i" sessions included Sean Carey, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Mike Lewis, Matt McCaughan, and Justin Vernon with Rob Moose and Jenn Wasner, plus contributions from James Blake, BJ Burton, Brad and Phil Cook, Aaron and Bryce Dessner, Trever Hagen, Zach Hanson, Bruce Hornsby, Channy Leaneagh, Rob Moose, Naeem, Velvet Negroni, Buddy Ross, Marta Salogni, Francis Starlite, Moses Sumney, and the members of TU Dance.


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On the day of the event tickets can only be purchased at the Wiener Stadthalle box office or by phone at 0043 01 98100-200!


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