Der Watzmann ruft

Zum allerletzten Mal in Originalbesetzung!

Fri, 11.11.2022

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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  • Der Watzmann ruft, Fr, 11.11.2022 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle D © Show Factory

As the organizer Show Factory Entertainment has informed, the tour of the cult play "Der Watzmann ruft" unfortunately has to be postponed again due to the different availabilities of the artists in connection with Covid-19. 

The show "Der Watzmann ruft" will now take place on 11th November 2022. 

Alternative date:
Fri, 06.11.2020 | Mon, 08.11.2021 | NEW: Fri, 11.11.2022

Tickets already purchased remain valid for the new date in 2022 and do not need to be exchanged.

We kindly ask for your understanding!

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In 2016, the cult piece "Der Watzmann" bid farewell to 40 years of music history. But as is the case with classics that have long been regarded by audiences as always and eternally performable, the retirement lasted only four years, and the rustic four will definitely be performed live for the last time in the original line-up in autumn 2022. 

Wolfgang Ambros and the No.1 of the Wienerwald, Klaus Eberhartinger, the EAV legend as Gailtalerin, Joesi Prokopetz as Knecht and Vater and Christoph Fälbl in a double role as Bua and Knecht, will once again inspire the countless fans in the spectacular original production.


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November 2022


On the day of the event tickets can only be purchased at the Wiener Stadthalle box office!


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