• Wanda, „Ciao!", Fr, 15.05.2020 & Sa, 16.05.2020 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle D © Arcadia Live GmbH



Fri, 15.05.2020 and Sat, 16.05.2020

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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The ticket sale starts on Friday, the 21.06.2019 at 10.00 a.m.

After "Amore", "Bussi" and "Niente", now "Ciao!". Wanda announce album number 4 and the corresponding tour. At the end of February 2020 Marco Michael Wanda, Christian Immanuel Hummer, Manuel Christoph Poppe, Reinhold Weber and Lukas Hasitschka will be back live in Germany and Austria.

Just to avoid misunderstandings: "Ciao!" is of course no goodbye. It is the invitation to everyone to be part of this next chapter of the band. The record is full of hymns that work quietly and loudly. It is again a huge step forward and so versatile, so dense, so fat as none of the band before.

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  • Wanda, „Ciao!", Fr, 15.05.2020 & Sa, 16.05.2020 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle D, 002 © Wolfgang SeehoferZoom Icon


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