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25 Jahre Kiddy Contest

Sat, 19.10.2019

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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Expected Schedule - Subject to changes!:

12.30 pm: Doors open
01.30 pm: Start
03.15 pm: Expected End

04.30 pm: Doors open
05.35 pm: Warm up
05.45 pm: Start, Live TV broadcast
08.15 pm: Expected End

25 years Kiddy Contest - this will be celebrated on 19. October 2019 with an extra big final show. Arabella Kiesbauer presents this year's finalists and many prominent star guests will be there as well. PULS 4 will broadcast live from 5.45 p.m. from the sold-out Wiener Stadthalle I Halle F.

A quarter of a century Kiddy Contest. This will be celebrated with a particularly spectacular 120-minute show. Arabella Kiesbauer will return to the Kiddy stage as hostess (she hosted the programme as early as 2012 - 2014). This time she will be joined by six well-known representatives of the local music and show industry, who will give the finalists tips and feedback and come up with some surprises.

25 years Kiddy Contest. You just have to be there. Let´s party!

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Lizz Görgl: two-time ski world champion and winner of "Dancing Stars 2019
Julian Le Play: one of the most successful Austrostars and former KC finalist
Lemo: double "Amadeus Music Awards" winner
Missy May: singer and actress
Monika Ballwein: singer, vocal coach and background singer of all Kiddy songs
Thomas Forstner: "Song Contest"-representative 1989 and background singer of all Kiddy songs

Two well-known pop stars from Germany have announced themselves as show acts: Iggi Kelly (youngest offspring of the Kelly Family, known from "The Voice Kids") and hit supplier Wincent Weiss ("Musik sein") will perform their current songs live on stage.

Dance-Captain Almande Belfor and his ensemble will accompany the performances of the kids for the second time.

Eight kids from Austria and two kids from Germany made it to the final in 2019 and will again present current hits with new, funny lyrics in the anniversary show:

  • 01 Ich zieh hier nie mehr aus – Alisa Berkovitch (11, Wien)
    (Original: „Open Up“/Matt Simons)
  • 02 Campingparadies – Teodora Vio (10, Berlin)
    (Original: „Power Over Me“/Dermot Kennedy)
  • 03 Einmal – Luca Sommerauer (11, Steiermark)
    (Original: „2x“/Mathea)
  • 04 Urlaub im All – Vanessa Deimbacher (11, Burgenland)
    (Original: „Don´t Call Me Up“/Mabel)
  • 05 Sprung im Herz – Helena Strasser (14, Wien)
    (Original:“Love Someone“/Lukas Graham)
  • 06 Himmel auf Erden – Boti Stelczer (12, Steiermark)
    (Original: „My Girl“/George Ezra)
  • 07 Hinter meiner Tür – Ina Bahr (14, Salzburg)
    (Original: „Sweet But Psycho“/Ava Max)
  • 08 Viel zu schnell – Daniel Slavinski  (14, Berlin)
    (Original: „Tu m´appelles“/Adel Tawil feat. Peachy)
  • 09 Voll die Streberin – Katharina Felzmann (14, Burgenland)
    (Original: „Unforgettable“/Nico Santos)
  • 10 Kinderzimmersuperdetektive – Lara Voicu (11, Wien)
    (Original: „Fading“/Alle Farben & Ilira)

The 25th winner in the history of the Kiddy Contest will, as always, be decided by the audience. From 9. October, the finis can collect their first votes in fan voting for ten days, followed by audience voting during the show. Around 20.10 o'clock the result will be known.

Voting is possible at the Kiddy Contest under the following number: 0821 205 500 + the starting number of the favourite.


  • Sat, 19.10.20191:30 pm
    Wiener Stadthalle, Hall FWien
  • Sat, 19.10.20195:45 pm
    Wiener Stadthalle, Hall FWien


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