• Sascha Grammel, Fast Fertig, Mo, 27.09. & Di, 28.09.2021 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle D © Sascha Grammel

Sascha Grammel -
New Dates:

Fast fertig

Mon, 27.09.2021 and Tue, 28.09.2021

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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As the organizer Hoanzl Agentur has announced, due to the current development around COVID-19 and the related restrictions in the event area, the show of "Sascha Grammel" will be postponed to the 27. & 28. September 2021.

Already purchased tickets remain valid for the new date in 2021.

Alternative dates: 
Tue. 02.06.2020 | NEW Mo. 27.09.2021
Wed. 03.06.2020 | NEW Tues. 28.09.2021

We kindly ask for your understanding!

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Everybody knows: in Spandau you can talk with one year, run with two years and make ventriloquies with three years.

With our seasonally blonde puppeteer from the Sylt of Berlin it was the other way round, but Sascha Grammel conjured up three really funny and probably therefore mega-successful live ProGrammels on stage. And with partly grammatically refreshingly alternatively written program titles like "Hetz mich nicht!", "No Anhung" (Na, the small spelling mistake discovered?) and "Ich find´s lustig" surprised. Great, Mr Grammel!

And with so much joy in one's own nonsense, it's almost logical that the next, brand hot and of course 100 percent grammy live program is ready to go. Or almost. So: Fast fertig! Because that's what Grammel's brand new stage spectacle is all about. Sascha's popular and quirky puppet crew take them with Fast fertig! this time on a lonely dream island. Everyone automatically thinks of 365 sunny days a year, crystal-clear water and miles of powder beaches - which you may not necessarily find on "Grammel Island", but there are at least four 1A palm trees, the wise mountain Wolfgang, a really quiet, quiet place, and, and, and, and.


  • Wiener Stadthalle, Hall DWienMon, 27.09.2021, 7:30 pm Ticket Info »
  • Wiener Stadthalle, Hall DWienTue, 28.09.2021, 7:30 pm Ticket Info »


On the day of the event tickets can only be purchased at the Wiener Stadthalle box office or by phone at 0043 01 98100-200!


Sitzplan Sascha Grammel 2021 © Wiener Stadthalle

Arbeitergasse 7
1050 Wien

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