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57th & 9th Tour

Thu, 14.09.2017

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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Mit seinem aktuellen Album 57TH & 9TH im Gepäck präsentiert sich Sting auf einem besonderen, variationsreichen Live-Zyklus, der Clubshows ebenso wie Konzerte in Theatern, Arenen und Festivalauftritte in aller Welt beinhaltet. Nun kündigte Sting für den 14. September ein Arena-Konzert in der Wiener Stadthalle an.

Special Guest: Joe Sumner


As announced by the organizer, Live Nation Austria GmbH, at the concert of Sting on 14.09.2017 it will NOT be allowed to take backpacks, larger handbags, travelling bags, helmets etc. in the location. It is pointed out, not to take any bags, backpacks and larger items, etc., not at all to the place of the event. Restrict yourselfe to the absolute necessary such as cell phone, keys and money.

The guideline concerning handbags from the organizer: Small bags that are not larger than an A5 sheet can be taken to the concert. > General Information about forbidden items


Timing - subject to change!
► Doors: from 6.30 pm
► Beginning Support Joe Sumner: from 7.30 pm
► followed by STING
► Estimated end: 10.30 pm


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On the day of the event tickets can only be purchased at the Wiener Stadthalle box office!


Sting Sitzplan 2017 © Wiener Stadthalle

Live Nation Austria GmbH
Alser Straße 21/9
1080 Wien

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