Homayoun Shajarian

Sat, 19.11.2022

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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As the organizer Tar Production GmbH informed on 27.10.2022, the concert of "Homayoun Shajarian" can unfortunately not take place at the scheduled time - Saturday, 19th November 2022.

Together with the organizers, we are working hard to find an alternative date for the affected event.

All further information HERE

We kindly ask for patience until further information is available and for your understanding!

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Homayoun Shajarian was born in Tehran and is the son of Mohammad Reza Shajarian, a great singer of traditional Iranian music. At a young age, he learned Iranian Percussion and traditional Iranian singing.

After attending the Tehran Conservatory of Music, Shajarian chose the violin as his professional instrument. In 1991, he accompanied his father in the concerts of Awaz music group in America, Europe and Iran by playing Tembak. In 1999, he started singing together with his father. Shajarians first independent work called Nasim Wasl was released in 1999.

So far, countless works of Homayoun Shajarian, who has collaborated with well-known domestic and foreign artists, have been published.


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