Mark Seibert & Lukas Perman in Concert

Noch immer...Ziemlich gute Freunde Vol. 2

Sat, 22.04.2023

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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  • Artwork | Mark Seibert & Lukas Perman in Concert | Noch immer...Ziemlich gute Freunde Vol. 2 | Sa, 22.04.2023 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle F © Lukas Perman

After a sold-out concert in the Wiener Stadthalle with the programme "Noch immer ... Ziemlich gute Freunde" in February 2020, the two musical stars Mark Seibert & Lukas Perman want to repeat this much acclaimed programme - some three years later - on 22nd April 2023 in the Wiener Stadthalle! But it won't just be a repeat performance: Vol. 2 of this concert highlight will of course have a few surprises in store!

The two artists will chat in their usual manner about shared, exciting and funny experiences - on and off the stage - of course with many musical hits from the stages of their career, such as "Dance of the Vampires", "Elisabeth", "Romeo & Juliet" and many more, as well as well-known pop songs that connect the two of them!

They are accompanied by a fantastic band led by Christian Frank!

Lukas Perman

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Info about the artists:
Mark Seibert and Lukas Perman are known from numerous leading roles in the great Viennese musicals. Since their studies, the two singers have been linked by an intense friendship that has spanned various stages of their careers across Austria, Germany, Japan and China. Together they appeared in the musical ROMEO & JULIA 2005 as "Romeo" and "Tybalt", and in ELISABETH 2013 as "Death" and "Crown Prince Rudolf" on the stage of Vienna's Raimundtheater, as well as in the concert performance of ELISABETH in front of Schönbrunn Palace in 2019 and 2022.


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