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Die Schöne und das Biest - Das Musical

Sun, 19.02.2023

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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Doors open: 1 hour before the show starts
Duration Show: 2 hours inclusive break

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Incredibly beautiful: In its musical highlight "Beauty and the Beast", Theater Liberi impressively tells the touching story about true love. Emotional original compositions and lots of poetry, together with wit and emotion, take you into the world of this enchanting fairy tale - a live experience for the whole family!

Known for its imaginative musicals, Theater Liberi presents the French folk tale in a contemporary and entertaining version. A well-trained ensemble inspires the audience with varied choreographies to romantic ballads and pop songs with hit potential. A fairytale backdrop is created on stage: the changeable stage design alternates between Belle's home and the enchanted castle, which sparkles in competition with the dreamlike costumes.

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For centuries people have told the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast and the power of their love, so strong it can break a curse. A curse that turned the prince into a terrifying beast. When one day a poor merchant strays into the castle garden and picks a rose there, the beast demands a high price for it. From now on, the youngest daughter Belle has to live in the enchanted castle. However, Belle's initial fear quickly gives way to curiosity when she discovers that the beast's hard shell hides a soft core and that she can even laugh and dance with him. But Belle is torn because she asks herself many questions: What is it about the mysterious prince in the mirror? And why are there these enchanted beings in the castle? Belle goes in search of answers...


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