Roland Kaiser - Perspektiven

Meine große Geburtstagstournee 2022/2023

Sun, 27.11.2022

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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  • Roland Kaiser - Perspektiven | Meine große Geburtstagstournee 2022/2023, So, 27.11.2022 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle D © Show Factory Entertainment

Minutes-long 'standing ovations', never-ending calls for encores, a euphoric audience - with his big, still immensely popular hits, but also current songs, the charismatic exceptional artist still manages effortlessly to give his audience an extraordinary, highly emotional and unforgettable evening - something that is very close to Roland Kaiser's heart and perhaps even more important than ever at this time: "My job is to entertain people at the highest level so that they go home with a good feeling."

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A claim that gives the gentleman among the artists himself the greatest pleasure. And so the grand seigneur of entertainment has planned a very special coup: On the occasion of his 70th birthday next year, Roland Kaiser will embark on a grand birthday tour starting in October 2022 and continue into 2023. Accompanied by his fantastic live band, he will stop in more than 30 cities throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland as part of the tour to celebrate his milestone birthday with his fans. An invitation that cannot be refused, because one thing is beyond question: Roland Kaiser is cult. It is not only his songs with his typical daring, ambiguous lyrics and an always contemporary sound that the audience loves so fervently, but above all the authenticity, his unique charisma and stylistic confidence with which he knows how to inspire even completely new generations of fans.

The 70th birthday is a good opportunity to take a look back - back at a stage career that has now lasted over 47 years, at almost 100 million records sold and an incredible number of hits that today inspire more than three generations. But the entertainer, who was born and grew up in Berlin's Wedding and who has reached the zenith of his extraordinary career more successfully than ever before, and who is considered by some to be the German Frank Sinatra, has his feet firmly on the ground - working for more justice, tolerance, solidarity and humanity was and is a major concern of his.


  • Sun, 27.11.20227:30 pm
    Wiener Stadthalle, Hall DWien


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