Wolfgang Ambros

50 Jahre live

Sat, 19.03.2022

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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  • Wolfgang Ambros, 50 Jahre live, Sa, 19.03.2022 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle D © Stargarage Entertainemnet

"50 Years Live" - Wolfgang Ambros and the No 1 on tour again!

1971. The song about a trampled in the rivulet occupied the number 1 in the Austrian charts for weeks. Mr. Hofa was brutally murdered. With Wolfgang Ambros, however, fate meant well. It sent the singer-songwriter on a career path that has no equal.  

In 2022, with his band, the legendary 'No 1' behind him, Wolfgang Ambros is finally back in full formation in front of his fans in the great halls of the country. 

The motto: 50 years live!

Fifty career years may be celebrated, in addition also a round birthday. In March 2022, the Wolfgang of the nation celebrates his 70th birthday. In front of a large audience. He celebrates these two anniversaries as it should be: Together with the fans!

The setlist is not yet fixed, but it can be assumed that the - until today unsolved - murder of said Mr. Hofa will be thematized as well as the self-fulfilling prophecy from 1973. We remember "Mir geht es wie dem Jesus, mir tut das Kreuz so weh" ...

Wolfgang Ambros, live with band. This is a high mass of Austrian popular music. The Vienna Woods will rustle again, the lighters will glow, the fans will sing along every line of the lyrics.

Mia san de Number One vom Wienerwald
Die hasseste Partie von überhaupt
Wann wir wo spui'n dann bleibt die Kuchl kalt
Soll söba kumma und si überzeug'n wer's net glaub


March 2022
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March 2022


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