Chinesischer Nationalcircus

China Girl - Liebe ist stärker als Blut

Wed, 28.09.2022

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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The "Chinese National Circus" will now take place on 28 September 2022. 

Alternate date:
Thu, 24.03.2022 | NEW: Wed, 28.09.2022

Tickets already purchased remain valid for the new date and do not need to be exchanged. 

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Chinese National Circus "China Girl" - the Acrobatical with music by David Bowie

With the new theatrical show "China Girl", under the leadership of the two German producers Hermjo Klein and Raoul Schoregge, another production of the Chinese National Circus is on its way to conquer the hearts of a worldwide audience.

Analogous to the title, the innovative show concept Acrobatical presents the high art of Chinese acrobatics on the sound carpet of live performed highlights from the musical complete works of the legendary pop icon David Bowie

The storyline is a transposition of William Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet into the New York City´s turn of millennium. The love story between Dou Dou and Roberto is set against the backdrop of the constant clash of rival ethnic groups, the westernized residents of "Little Italy" and the Chinese immigrants. Eternal love and a fatal enmity between the run-down backyards, cookshops, junk stores and upscale restaurants of Manhattan's Chinatown.

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  • Wed, 28.09.20228:00 pm
    Wiener Stadthalle, Hall FWien


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