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Falco - Das Musical

Jubiläumstournee zum 65. Geburtstag der Pop-Ikone

Sun, 23.01.2022

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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  • Falco - Das Musical, Jubiläumstournee zum 65. Geburtstag der Pop-Ikone, So, 23.01.2022 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle F © COFO Entertainment

Expected Schedule (Subject to change):
05.30 pm: Doors open
07.00 pm: Start - Attention from the organizer due to the COVID-19 curfew PREVIOUSLY!
09.45 pm: Expected end incl. break

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Johann "Hans" Hölzel alias Falco was born in Vienna on the 19. February 1957. Just in time for his 65th birthday, the musical biography 2022, peppered with all his hits, goes on a big anniversary tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland and pays tribute to the life's work of this extroverted artist. 

"Falco - Das Musical" is one of the most successful tour productions of recent years and had to take a forced break due to the Corona Pandemic. But on the 23. January 2022 there will finally be a reunion in the Wiener Stadthalle!

"I am immortal only when I am dead!" - Around these dark, foreboding words, the homage to the greatest genius in German-language pop and rap history. Consequently, the musical biography begins with the car accident in the Dominican Republic in 1998. The allegorical characters "Jeanny" and "Ana Conda" mark the disruption of the exceptional musical talent between the arrogant, egomaniacal world star and the vulnerable, brooding Hans Hölzel

The two-hour live experience leads through formative stages in the life of the prominent musician. The musical biography is eccentric and full of images. Through artistic projections and original video sequences, the musical provides a deep insight into the thoughts and feelings of the artist and the people behind the dazzling pop icon. A person who savored life to its limits and went through many ups and downs - right up to self-destruction.


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