Conni - Das Zirkus-Musical

Sat, 05.02.2022

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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Cocomico Theater presents exclusively: "Conni - Das Zirkus-Musical!"

Musical by Marcell and Tiffany Gödde
Director: Tiffany Gödde
The Conni books from Carlsen Verlag live on tour!

"Conni - Das Zirkus-Musical!": The join-in musical production! From 3 years.
Duration: approx. 110 minutes incl. break

The Cocomico-Musical "Conni - Das Zirkus-Musical!" goes on big tour!
Conni has something very special planned for the weekend: Together with her friends Julia and Simon a big circus performance is planned in the KiTa, before that they will stay overnight there. But before the performance, a lot of things go wrong, and even Conni's parents have to step in for the circus performance. And what role does Conni's tomcat Mau play in saving the great event?


February 2022
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February 2022


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