Apache 207

Tour 2022

Sat, 01.10.2022

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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  • Apache 207 - Tour 2022, Sa, 01.10.2022 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle D © Barracuda Music

As the promoter Barracuda Music has informed, due to the current planning reliability regarding arena shows (indoor) and the still uncertain pandemic situation after summer 2021, the Apache-Tour unfortunately has to be postponed again. In order to ensure the highest possible safety and to be able to offer a show without any restrictions, it will be postponed directly to summer/fall 2022.

The concert of "Apache 207" will now take place on the 01. October 2022. 

Alternate date: 
Sun, 10.01.2021 | Fri, 13.08.2021 | NEW: Sat, 01.10.2022

Tickets already purchased will remain valid for the new date in October 2022 and do not need to be exchanged.

We kindly ask for your understanding!

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Apache 207 is a star. 

Not that anyone would doubt it. But you have to be very clear at the outset, because it simply hasn't been done to this extent in this country before. Who else would sell out a full arena tour in four minutes? Who else can claim that his songs were streamed more than 700 million times last year? Who else would go gold with an exclusively digitally released EP? Who else can get precious metal with every new single and has not only achieved double platinum status with "Roller" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also the most streamed song of the last year in the discography?

Nobody is like Apache 207, the gangster who swings his dance leg every now and then. This two-metre-hen with white tea in the waistband and waving mane. Somehow rapper, somehow rock star, who in second hand and with Lennon glasses brings back the 90s and still is not from yesterday. The 22-year-old has the look, but also the aura. He has the hits, but also the songs. He has the vision, but also the restraint. He has the self-irony, but also the self-image to let not himself but his music speak for him. Ask the guys in the lowered upper class limousines, ask the art school graduates, ask the kids on the block in the Nikes: Apache stays the same - and that's why it's different from the rest.


  • Sat, 01.10.20228:00 pm
    Wiener Stadthalle, Hall DWien


On the day of the event tickets can only be purchased at the Wiener Stadthalle box office or by phone at 0043 01 98100-200!


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