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This page contains general information about Wiener Stadthalle events and services.

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  • COVID-19: Access regulations - Status 17.01.2022- Subject to change without notice!

    Please note the registration requirement and have the following ready for the admission control:

    • Appropriate valid certificate (digital or printed)
    • Photo ID
    • Ticket
    • FFP2-Mask

    From 11th January 2022, FFP2 masks will also be mandatory outdoors if the 2-meter distance cannot be maintained. This applies to queues, for example.

    Important note: Changes at short notice possible!

    The regulations valid for an event depend on the official regulations (Federal Government and City of Vienna) as well as the prevention concept of the organizer. Since the regulations for events can also change at short notice, please inform yourself again about the current status before arrival. If necessary, this will be published at the corresponding event on Wiener Stadthalle | Events | Tickets.

    The City of Vienna and the federal government prescribe the following measures for attending events:

    2G: Current measures: ( and FFP2 mask obligation, also at the seat
    Information on the announced federal rules as of 12th December 2021 can be found on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs

    Please have proof according to the valid 2G rule and a photo ID ready upon admission: "vaccinated" or "recovered"

    Masks are mandatory in closed rooms - also at the seat!

    The following access regulations currently apply - depending on the prevention concept and opening space of the respective event organizer

    • up to 500 persons: 2G
    • up to 1.000 persons: 2G + PCR test
    • up to 2.000 persons: Booster + PCR test

    Valid vaccines: Vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are from BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

    Recovery: Proof of recovery or segregation notice regarding an infection survived in the last 180 days.

    Children and Youth:
    For children 6 to 12 years of age (+ 3 months) the 3G-rule continues to apply (validity: PCR test 72 hours, antigen test 48 hours, complete Ninja Passport by the end of the calendar week). The complete "Ninja Pass" is valid as proof for children up to 12 years of age during the week in which all scheduled tests per week of instruction are entered - even on weekends.

    For children|youth from 12 to 15 years of age, 2,5 G (vaccinated, recovered or PCR tested) applies. The "Ninja Pass" does not count as an entry test. Each PCR school test applies individually on its own. For this age group, PCR tests are valid for 48 hours.

    After the end of compulsory school attendance, the adult regulations apply.

    Children up to 5 years of age have no obligation to present proof. Please also have identification - such as a passport or student ID - ready for children.

    PCR test: 48 hours for all people from 12 years
    PCR test: 72 hours
    for children from 6 to 12 years of age
    Antigen test:
    48 hours for children from 6 to 12 years of age


    • Validity of the "vaccinated proof" is 270 days
    • From 01.02.2022 the validity of the second vaccination (or recovered and one vaccination) is 180 days!
    • The third vaccination is still valid for 270 days

    If the prescription specifies 2G detection, the second or third vaccination must have been administered no longer than 270 days ago or proof of recovery from a COVID disease that has been overcome in the last 180 days must be provided.

    In the case of 2G+, a negative PCR test must also be available.

    In case of Booster | Booster+ the person must already have a third vaccination (and in case of Booster+ additionally a negative PCR test). If a person has been vaccinated 2x and has recovered within the last 180 days, this counts as proof for the Booster (or with negative PCR-test for Booster+).

    Please note that all tests must be taken by an authorized body (e.g. test lane, hospital, sniff box, pharmacy or medical practice) and must be valid until the end of the performance. So-called living room antigen tests may not be accepted.

    There is no testing facility available at the Wiener Stadthalle prior to the event. The PCR test containers in front of the Wiener Stadthalle are a gargle station. The result will arrive digitally within 24 hours.

    For reasons of contact tracing, the organizer of an event is officially obliged to record the visitor data in accordance with the DSGVO and in the case of a Corona Cluster, to hand it over to the Vienna Sanitary Directorate upon request. For this reason, it is necessary to register digitally or to fill in the form which is provided by the organizer before attending the event.

    When does the admission start
    To ensure that everyone can enjoy the event as relaxed as possible, please observe the COVID-related starting time and admission regulations that apply to the respective events. These will be published in time on the corresponding event page.

    Visitors are kindly requested to arrive at the Wiener Stadthalle in time in order to be able to carry out the controls quickly.

    I have tickets for a postponed event
    See COVID-19 Coronavirus: Information for our visitors | Wiener Stadthalle | Press | Corporate News

    Do you have any questions that could not be answered here or on the continuative links? Please contact us via the contact form

    General information about COVID-19:

  • COVID-19: Affected events

    Please find all information regarding affected events, contacts for reversal inquiries, organizer voucher, etc. under: COVID-19 Coronavirus: Information for our visitors | Wiener Stadthalle | Press | Corporate News

  • Tickets

    Are concessions available?

    The tour management and local event organiser set ticket prices jointly. If standard concessions are available (e.g. for children and senior citizens), this will be indicated on the respective event page at For many events, concession prices are offered to wheelchair users and accompanying persons. Click here for more information.

    How do I make a group booking?

    Please contact our Ticket Management team at or on +43 (0)1 98 100 480. They will be able to tell you if discounts are available on group bookings for specific events.

    What’s the best way to get tickets for concerts that sell out quickly?

    To avoid purchasing counterfeit tickets or paying inflated prices, we recommend that you only buy tickets from official booking offices (e.g. directly from Wiener Stadthalle or our partner Wien Ticket).

    Click here for information about the Wiener Stadthalle box office.

    If tickets are sold out, can you put me on a waiting list?

    If you wish to be placed on a waiting list, please send an email containing all the relevant information (event, number of tickets) to We will then contact you if any tickets become available.

    I have lost my ticket. What should I do?

    In cases of lost or stolen tickets, please contact the booking office that you bought the ticket/s from.
    If you purchased your ticket/s directly from Wiener Stadthalle, please contact the Ticket Management service at or on +43 (0)1 98 100 480.

    Can I return or exchange my ticket?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to return tickets that have already been purchased. Please note the information given for each event.

    Information about ticket return, regarding the ordered event ban for the containment of the new disease COVID-19 (Coronavirus) can be found HERE.

  • Events

    When do doors open?

    In general, the admission time is about one hour before the start of the event. The expected admission and start time for an event are advertised on the respective event page at on the day of the event, along with information about any support acts.

    How long will the show last?

    The length of events varies a great deal and depends on the individual artist or artists. Live shows may be subject to schedule changes at short notice and delays. For shows with a fairly predictable running time, e.g. musicals, the duration will be advertised on the relevant event page at

    Is there a minimum age for admission to events at Wiener Stadthalle?

    Local legislation for the protection of young people (Wiener Jugendschutzgesetz – German only) applies at Wiener Stadthalle. The law stipulates that young people under the age of 14 may only attend and travel to events between 5am and 11pm, and 14- and 15-year-olds between 5am and 1am. Wiener Stadthalle does not impose any additional age restrictions. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to determine if an event is suitable for their children. Children are more at risk than adults with respect to hearing damage and other damage to health resulting from loud music and crowds. We therefore recommend that children use the free ear protectors that are made available at events as required.

    If the event organiser or tour management impose age restrictions, these will be advertised on the respective event page at

    Can I take photos during the event?

    In general, sound, photographic, film, video and other kinds of recording devices are not permitted at events. In practice, however, the degree to which this rule is imposed depends on the individual artist. Security personnel will almost always confiscate video cameras as well as professional and SLR cameras for the duration of the event.

    Why do I have to leave my coat or jacket at the cloakrooms?

    It is compulsory to use the cloakroom service at Wiener Stadthalle. The statutory regulations that we and many other event venues must comply with is the Wiener Veranstaltungsgesetz 2020 (Vienna Event Act), which defines the rules for compulsory cloakroom usage.

  • Service

    Where can I leave my bag?

    Subject to the event organisers’ security arrangements, at some events you may leave rucksacks and bags with security personnel, who will issue a ticket for collection at the end of the event. You can also leave bags and small items of baggage at the cloakrooms. The cloakrooms or security personnel will not accept large items of baggage. If you have large items of baggage or a large number of bags, we recommend that you use a left luggage locker in the city, e.g. at Westbahnhof train station (only one underground stop or 15 minutes’ walk from Wiener Stadthalle).

    What can I do if I lose something?

    Lost items that are handed in to our staff are stored in the lost property box in the reception area. You can call our porter on +43 (0)1 98 100 234 to find out if your lost property has been handed in.

    Do you offer guided tours of Wiener Stadthalle?

    There will be no tours this summer. As soon as you have the chance to take a look behind the scenes again in autumn, we will advertise it here.