Wiener Stadthalle Betriebs- und Veranstaltungsgesellschaft m.b.H.
A-1150 Vienna, Roland-Rainer-Platz 1
DPR number 0056430
VAT reg. no. ATU15662101
Companies' Register of Vienna Commercial Court, FN (company no.) 105184h
Member of the Vienna Economic Chamber
Telephone (+43 1) 98 100/0
Fax (+43 1) 98 100/376
Object of the media owner's/publisher's business:
The principal object of the business is to construct, manage and lease event and sports venues.
Disclosure of the editorial policy in accordance with Section 25 (4) of the Austrian Media Act:
Information on the basic purpose of the medium ("editorial policy"):
The website of Wiener Stadthalle Betriebs- und Veranstaltungsgesellschaft m.b.H. is an information and service facility for customers and interested members of the public.
It is used primarily to publish content relating to events of all kinds. The purpose of the content presented on the website is to provide advance information to parties interested in purchasing tickets.
As a service and information platform, this website also contains links to websites of third parties. No liability is accepted for the content of any links that lead to pages outside, and the respective operator is responsible for the information these contain.
Organs with representative authority and members of the Supervisory Board:
Managing Directors:
Wolfgang Fischer
Dr. Kurt Gollowitzer
Supervisory Board:
Chairman: Mag.a Eva Rosenauer-Albustin
1st Deputy Chairman: Komm.-Rat Peter Hanke
2nd Deputy Chairman: SR Gerhard Mörtl
Mag.a Daniela Birk
Mag.a Alena Sirka-Bred
Karl Stubenvoll
Eva Resch
Walter Bittner
Wiener Stadthalle Betriebs- und Veranstaltungsgesellschaft m.b.H. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wien Holding GmbH.

Editing of content and news
Wiener Stadthalle Press Office, contact
Design and technical implementation
WH-Interactive GmbH
echonet communication GmbH 
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Exclusion of liability
The publisher prepares and edits the information published on this website to the best of its knowledge and belief with the intention of offering reliable and up-to-date information to users. All information that is made accessible via hyperlinks or other techniques inherent to the internet and is not within the immediate sphere of influence of the publisher's publishing activity is the responsibility of the individual publishers concerned. Any liability for such information and any resulting consequences is excluded by the publisher.
In accordance with the Austrian Product Liability Act, the publisher points out that errors in content cannot be ruled out entirely and that all details are therefore published without any guarantee. The publisher will not be liable for any errors that can be attributed to sources or processing, for example. No liability is accepted by the publisher for content and its consequences. In particular, the publisher cannot be held responsible, either directly or indirectly, for any direct or indirect consequences that arise as a result of the information contained on this website being used or misused.
The publisher reserves the right to take action in relation to any content to remove content that is immoral, unethical, illegal or damaging. Furthermore, the exclusion of liability extends to all content of websites to which links are intentionally or unintentionally made, public forums, visitor books, user opinions and tips and other information from the internet made accessible via this website. The published opinions do not necessarily correspond with that of the publisher.
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This website uses a Facebook/Google interface ("social plug-in") for the "Like"/"Google+" button to help improve the dialogue with friends and the Stadthalle community and to optimise the user experience. It has been integrated in accordance with the possibilities offered by Facebook/Google. No data is transferred to third parties, and the guidelines on use and data protection of Facebook/Google generally apply. Wiener Stadthalle accepts no liability for the exchange of data and for further use of data by Facebook/Google.
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