Sum 41

Tour Of The Setting Sum


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Sum 41

Tour Of The Setting Sum

Wednesday, 13.11.2024

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

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Sum 41 were never part of it. Nor did they care or try to. Instead, they performed with a distinctive style characterized by pop-punk singalongs and hard-hitting heavy metal prowess. As a result, they've cast an unmatched shadow on pop culture, from their turn-of-the-century reign on TRL to a rapturous performance at the first "When We Were Young Festival." Within a year they were recruited by Iggy Pop for a collaboration, and for MTV Icon they paid a fiery tribute to Metallica. Their music has permeated major franchises, from "Spider-Man" to "American Pie" to "Bring It On". They ignited a triptych of classic albums - the platinum-winning "All Killer No Filler" [2001], the gold-winning "Does This Look Infected?" [2002] and the gold-winning "Chuck" [2004] - and continued in their second decade with albums such as "13 Voices" [2016] and "Order In Decline" [2019]. 

After 15 million albums sold worldwide, two Juno Awards, a Kerrang! award and a handful of Alternative Press Music Awards, a GRAMMY® nomination and sold-out concert halls around the world, the band is bowing out with a bang - and on their own terms. The band - Deryck Whibley (vocals, guitar), Dave Baksh (guitar), Jason McCaslin (bass), Tom Thacker (guitar) and Frank Zummo (drums) - defy all rules, ignore all expectations and once again follow their instincts by releasing a fittingly powerful final album with the double LP "Heaven :x: Hell". Heaven is 10 tracks of snarling, energetic pop-punk, while Hell consists of ten heavy metal anthems peppered with sabre-rattling solos, crashing riffs and infectious hooks. It's big, it's bold, and it's their boldest and best work to date.

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