The 12 Tenors

Celebration Tour


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The 12 Tenors

Celebration Tour

Tuesday, 22.04.2025

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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12 top singers, 12 voices, 1 show

Known for their irresistible blend of overwhelming vocal presence and graceful stage movements, the “12 Tenors” masterfully weave together the threads of pop and classical music, tradition and modernity. With their astounding energy and passionate dedication, they transform every concert into a feast for the senses that amazes young and old alike.

Every performance by these exceptional artists becomes a kaleidoscope of entertainment, where dazzling vocal power meets subtle humor and every note, every gesture tells a story of elegance and wit. Over the past 15 years, they have not only managed to build up an admiring fan base, but have also won over critics worldwide. 

Accompanied by a live band and framed by a spectacular light show, the 12 tenors celebrate the versatility of music in all its facets! World-famous arias meet rock and pop anthems, an alliance of charismatic voices forms an impressive ensemble and 12 top soloists merge their virtuosity and passion into a brilliant unit! They playfully combine classical traditions with a modern boy band feeling!

The 12 exceptional singers agree:
“Our interpretations should not only reflect the beauty of the original compositions, but also create an emotional connection with the audience. The magic happens when the power of our voices meets timeless world hits and these become our version through our own, very personal emotions.”

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