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Tarzan - Das Musical

Das Highlight für die ganze Familie!


No tickets available at the moment

Tarzan - Das Musical

Das Highlight für die ganze Familie!

Sunday, 26.11.2023

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

No tickets available at the moment

Expected Schedule (Subject to change):
From 03.00 pm: Doors open
04.00 pm: Start 
06.00 pm: Expected end incl. break

The clash of two worlds: In the musical highlight "Tarzan", the audience experiences a breathtaking jungle adventure together with the title character. Original compositions, plenty of suspense and a touch of romance ensure an entertaining live experience for the whole family! 

Theater Liberi, known for its modern family musicals, stages a contemporary version of Edgar Rice Burrough's century-old story. Imaginative costumes, a playful, colorful set and atmospheric lighting effects create the jungle world in which Tarzan is at home. Musically, the audience is offered a varied journey through different genres, impressing with arrangements and emotions. A highly trained ensemble ensures that characters, music and scenery merge into a unique whole on stage. 

A young family suffers shipwreck and - barely stranded on the African coast - is attacked by wild animals. Left behind is a little boy, who is taken in alone and orphaned by the ape lady Kala and raised as her own child. But although Tarzan finds a home with the apes and a good friend in the ape girl Tee, the leader Kerchak still makes him feel, even after years, that he does not really belong to them. The feeling that he has yet to find his place in the world becomes even stronger when Tarzan meets humans for the first time. Professor Porter, his curious daughter Jane, and the shady Olivia Clayton are on an expedition to explore the jungle. As time goes by, Tarzan and Jane become closer and closer, but then events overturn and Tarzan and his ape family are threatened with great danger...

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Tarzan - Das Musical | Das Highlight für die ganze Familie! | So, 26.11.2023 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle F © Theater Liberi

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