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FACK JU GÖHTE - The Musical

The class trip continues!



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FACK JU GÖHTE - The Musical

The class trip continues!

Friday, 01.12.2023 
Sunday, 03.12.2023

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

No tickets available at the moment

Expected Schedule (Subject to change):
Doors open: from 1 hour before the show starts
Duration show: 2 hours 50 min. incl. break

Zeki alias Mr. Müller, Lisi and the 10b go on a big class trip and take the audience with them on a hilarious journey according to the motto "howl quietly, laugh loudly". In their luggage they have crude jokes and legendary sayings. But the 10b is not only funny, but now also crass musical and with a cool choreo pretty loose on the road.

In "FACK JU GÖHTE - The Musical", a rousing soundtrack meets the vocal chords of Chantal, Danger and Co and thrills the audience. The songs were written by the successful composers Simon Triebel, who is responsible for hits by Mark Forster, Sarah Connor and Juli, and Nico Rebscher, who has tailored musical mega-successes for Adel Tavil and Rea Garvey.

Rough sound and a second chance

The story has long been cult! When petty criminal Zeki Müller is released from prison after serving his sentence, he has only one thing on his mind: the loot from his last robbery. His girlfriend buried the loot where the gymnasium of the Goethe Comprehensive School is now located. That's why Zeki applies for the advertised job as a janitor. There is a misunderstanding with the principal, who hires him as a substitute teacher. Suddenly, instead of style and money, it's fist and Pythagoras for "Mr. Müller. To make matters worse, he is assigned the problem class 10b, with which even the highly motivated trainee teacher Elisabeth Schnabelstedt is overtaxed beyond measure. However, with a harsh tone and unusual teaching methods, Zeki gradually wins the respect of his students, who feel understood and entrust him with their life's dreams. Zeki begins to doubt his future: is his fate as a criminal already sealed or does he deserve a second chance after all?


  • "FACK JU GÖHTE - The Musical" by Kevin Schröder, Simon Triebel, Nico Rebscher
  • Creative Development John Havu
  • Based on the film "FACK JU GÖHTE" by Bora Dagtekin
  • Produced by Constantin Film


  • All songs and dialogues are performed in German language

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FACK JU GÖHTE - Das Musical | Die Klassenfahrt geht weiter! | Fr, 01.12. bis So, 03.12.2023 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle F © ShowSlot GmbH

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