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Shirin David

Live Tour 2023


No tickets available at the moment

Shirin David

Live Tour 2023

Sunday, 19.11.2023

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall D

No tickets available at the moment

Expected Schedule (Subject to change):
From 06.00 pm: Doors open
08.00 pm: Start Support
09.00 pm: Start SHIRIN DAVID
10.45 pm: Expected end

Shirin David's first arena tour
10 concerts in November 2023 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Within a very short time, Shirin David has established herself as an icon of contemporary female rap. In November 2023, she will be coming on her first major arena tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with her latest album "Bitches brauchen Rap" and the new single "Lächel doch mal".

Born as Barbara Shirin Davidavicius in Hamburg in 1995, music became a central part of her life early on: Piano, violin and oboe are part of her early musical education, as well as ballet and opera. However, she celebrated her breakthrough far away from classical music and musical theater.

In 2014, Shirin David launched her YouTube channel, which soon became one of the most successful channels in Germany with several million subscribers. She lands a hit alongside Ado Kojo with the Sabrina Setlur cover "Du liebst mich nicht" and sits on the jury of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" - both long before the release of her first album.

When her 2019 musical debut is announced under the title "Supersize," the buzz is huge. The single "Gib ihm" reaches number one in the German charts, shortly followed by the debut album - no German female rapper had ever achieved this before. In the same year, Shirin David is awarded a Bambi.

The artist collaborates with several greats of the German hip-hop scene - including Luciano, Kitty Kat and Haftbefehl - and continues to set records for her hit singles such as "90-60-111" and "Ich darf das". In November 2021, her second solo album "Bitches brauchen Rap" is released, again storming the charts.

Shirin David is a pioneer and icon of Gen Z: as a contemporary-glamorous but always credible social media sensation, as an ambitious entrepreneur with her own perfume line, label or iced tea creation. A self-determined post-feminist artist who is uncompromisingly conquering her place in the music and cultural landscape.

Her hit single "Lächel doch mal", released in May 2023, is once again a casual critique of chauvinism and patriarchal structures within but also beyond the scene and proves once again why Shirin David is Germany's number one rapper.

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Shirin David | Live Tour 2023 | So, 19.11.2023 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle D © Live Nation Austria GmbH

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Age restrictions

Children under the age of 6 are not permitted to attend the event. 

Children and young people under the age of 14 may only attend the concerts with a person with parental authority (e.g. parents) or an accompanying adult to whom supervision has been officially and verifiably transferred by the parents. This is done by means of a so-called "Parents' leaflet".

The parent leaflet should be printed out and completed twice. 

One copy of the parental leaflet must be presented by the underage fan and his/her authorized adult companion ("accompanying person") together with a valid photo ID immediately upon admission; the other copy must be carried by the underage fan at all times.

Parents' leaflet to print out

Safety Information!

As announced by the organizer Live Nation Austria GmbHat this event it will NOT be allowed to take backpacks, larger hand bags, travelling bags, helmets etc. in the location.

It is pointed out, not to take any bags, backpacks and larger items, etc., not at all to the place of the event. Restrict yourselfe to the absolute necessary such as cell phone, keys and money.

The guideline concerning handbags from the organizer: Small bags that are not larger than an A4 sheet can be taken to the concert.

Visitors are kindly requested to arrive at the Wiener Stadthalle in time to facilitate the work of the security forces, ticket checks and body checks, and to shorten waiting times.


Have fun at Wiener Stadthalle