Pauline - "Mut verändert die Welt"

Das Familienmusical



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Pauline - "Mut verändert die Welt"

Das Familienmusical

Saturday, 30.09.2023 
Sunday, 01.10.2023

Wiener Stadthalle, Hall F

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Pauline - Courage changes the world

The story of a strong woman brought to the musical stages in a family-friendly way. 

"Pauline - Courage changes the World": The new and largest family musical to date by the amateur ensemble of "KISI - God's Singing Kids" celebrates its world premiere on April 15. The musical tours from April to October throughout Austria and will also be performed in parts of southern Germany.

It presents the moving story of the courageous Frenchwoman Pauline Marie Jaricot, who has captivated young and old for 200 years up to the present day. For 30 years now, the "KISI - God's Singing -Kids" have been fascinating their audience with colorful costumes and unique catchy tunes. 

Historical content with current relevance
As the youngest daughter of a rich family of silk manufacturers, Pauline Marie Jaricot grows up in the glitz and glamour of Lyon's fine society. The pretty, well-dressed Pauline is the center of attention at every party, surrounded by male admirers. 

The sermon of the priest Abbé Würtz suddenly turns Pauline Marie Jaricot's life completely upside down. She breaks all the rules of fine society, sells her expensive jewelry and silk dresses, and distributes the proceeds among the poorest of the town. From this moment on, Pauline dresses like servants of her time. She wants to serve the poor completely. Other young women do the same. 

A world changer until today
The amateur actors and actresses of the KISI-Kids, aged 3 to 25, paint the courage of young Pauline on the stage with historically imitated props. At the same time, the ensemble shows the dark side of quick success. For along Pauline's path appear spotters, impostors and people who want to discourage her. Pauline remains steadfast, demonstrates great courage and will go down in the history books as the founder of the Work of the Propagation of the Faith, now the Pontifical Missionary Works. With her selfless, sacrificial actions, Pauline Marie Jaricot stands by the poorest of the poor. Thanks to her organizational skills, schools, hospitals and churches are built in Africa, South America and Asia. Until today, Pauline Marie Jaricot is a role model in solidarity and charity. All over the world, people follow her example and commit themselves completely to those whose voices are overheard. 

"Pauline - Courage changes the World" offers entertainment and depth for the whole family, as they can expect a colorful evening with lots of emotions, professional choreography and an authentic life story of a courageous young woman who is still shaping, changing the world today.

The musical is in German!

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Pauline - "Mut verändert die Welt" | Das Familienmusical | Sa, 30.09. und So, 01.10.2023 @ Wiener Stadthalle, Halle F © Missio

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